7 tips for success in job interviews- Bayo Adeyinka

7 tips for success in job interviews- Bayo Adeyinka

Thursday, March 15, 2018 2:55 am

Bayo Adeyinka

A banker and motivational speaker has offered seven useful suggestions on how to be successful at job interviews.

He stated them in his FB article, entitled, “The Interview” and which was also published by TheNEWS. Read the full piece here:


Here are his suggestions:

” 1. If you’re preparing for an interview, it’s in your best interest to do some research about the company you want to work with if you know the company. Google is your friend..

2. Work on your communication skills.
Mind your language while being interviewed. It’s better to be brief than to be unnecessarily verbose. By talking too much at times, you demonstrate that you know so little. Pronounce words well. It can take some practice but stand in front of a mirror and rehearse until you get better.

3. You should be able to talk about yourself very clearly and also describe what you have done before-if you’re an experienced hire.

4. Your body language is critical- no fidgeting and no show of anxiety. All of us have butterflies in our stomach when we face strange people on an interview panel but with a smile on your face, no one will ever know. Your posture is important. Dont slouch on the chair. Sit straight with your back on the chair and your legs together.

5. Be ready to defend your certificate. Demonstrate that you actually earned your degree.

6. Maintain eye contacts. That shows your level of confidence.

7. Good grooming is key to your success. No matter the current fad, it’s safer to be conservative in your dressing. Dark coloured suits are best for interviews. Stay with white or blue shirts for men. You can never go wrong with them. You must have a great sense of colour to want to try very bright colours. It’s either it turns out so good or you turn out like a magician’s apprentice. Ladies have the latitude to try out more colours but the simpler, the better. Pay attention to your hair and hand bag. Synchronize your colours properly. Avoid loud jewelleries. Look your best as the book is often judged by the cover during interviews. Your appearance is what we see first before we hear what you have to say.”

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