Verbatim: Ojudu Versus Fayose

Verbatim: Ojudu Versus Fayose

Wednesday, March 14, 2018 12:02 pm

Fayose, left, and Ojudu

Ayodele Fayose tweeted, “In saner climes, [Babafemi] Ojudu will be arrested for erecting billboards without approval of the Signage Agency and payment of necessary fees.”

Ojudu replied: “Just the way you should have been arrested when you pasted posters in Abuja announcing your jaded ambition to be President. How much did you pay the Abuja authorities?”

The quarrel was caused by the removal of Ojudu’s campaign billboards (after he declared his governorship ambition in Ado Ekiti) by Fayose’s agents

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