How to forgive a partner for cheating on you

How to forgive a partner for cheating on you

Tuesday, October 17, 2017 2:49 pm

Cheating partner

Most people want to see their partners as the only ones in their life, supporting their desire with various oaths and marriage contracts. But, unfortunately, this doesn’t work, and one of the partners turns out to be a cheater. What would you do if it happens to you? Wouldn’t you like to know how to forgive someone who cheated? If the answer is “yes,” we’re ready to help.

The first steps towards forgiveness

The first thing you need to do once you find out that your significant other betrayed your trust is to overcome anger. Maybe now you’re mad and wonder how to forgive cheating after your heart is broken. Just take a break and try to cut all ties with your partner for a while. It’s better to choose the most pleasant and enjoyable pastime for your own good. But getting drunk is not the best solution. Sure, everyone’s free to do whatever they like, but thoughts about betrayal become less painful in a sober friend’s company.

Now that your mind is clear, and nothing distracts you, you need to think about what you would like to get from your partner. At this moment your “loved one” is probably trying to ask you for forgiveness. The best thing about forgiving someone who cheated is that you can begin building relationships again on your terms. Start demanding equality, for example.

If you decided to give your partner another chance to prove their love, never begin your dialog with phrases like “I forgive you, but don’t think about doing this again.” This phrase will put an end to your conflict fast, but at the same time, it will give your partner permission to cheat on you again.

How to forgive someone who cheated on you and make them pay

Before forgiving your partner once and for all, you need to be sure that this will never happen again. Let’s suppose you did what we said and cut all contacts with your companion. Your partner begins to feel guilt and looks for a perfect moment to ask for forgiveness and explain everything. Don’t give them that moment. You need to let that feeling of guilt play on your cheating partner’s nerves. Then, return to their life unexpectedly and act swiftly before they understand what happens. Say that you forgive them, but don’t give them a chance to explain why they did this.

Show that you’re still interested in your partner but don’t care about betrayal. This way you’ll completely destroy all their expectations by getting them in something like a trance. Then disappear for a while and come back again, avoiding questions and talks. Leave your partner wondering what’s on your mind. You need to become a mystery. Keep disappearing and coming back until you do this two or three times. After you make your companion suffer for what they did, it will be easier to forgive them.
Returning to your partner, you must follow certain rules

Don’t show that your partner is still important to you

It’s an important aspect when forgiving someone who cheated on you. To keep your significant other from betraying you again, don’t make any compliments that may show your true feelings. All you can give your partner now is sex. A skillful combination of cold attitude and hot sex will become the “glue” that will make a person even more attached to you.

Let them be jealous

Your partner will expect you to treat them the same way they did to you. But in no case should you cheat. But making them feel jealous is a great idea. Your partner should see that they can lose you any moment.

Remind the partner who is to blame

Here’s one last thing you need to know to learn how to forgive cheating. You should let your partner know who’s guilty. Don’t get distracted by their attempts to make things between you the same as they were before the betrayal. At this stage of your relationship, you’re the one in command.

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