Niger Delta Avengers threaten to hit Chevron again

Niger Delta Avengers threaten to hit Chevron again

Thursday, May 12, 2016 12:28 pm


Chevron Logo

Chevron Logo

Okafor Ofiebor/Port Harcourt

The new militant group, on the rampage in the Niger Delta, the Avengers has warned Chevron Plc not to dare carry out repair work  at the Valve Platform  blown up by the group,  until its demands are met.

The group said Chevron staff risk attack on its tank farms, its pipelines  and office in Lekki, Lagos .

In an online statement from the group,  a spokesman, who styled himself Col. Mudoch Agbinigbo said: ” From our investigation Chevron Plc is about to carry out repair works at the Valve platform that was blown by us (Niger Delta Avengers). We made it clear that no repair works should be done until our demands are fully met.”

According to the militant group, since Chevron began operating in the Niger Delta region for over 40 years,  there has been no day  the terminal lacked electricity.

In contrast, it said, the host communities and villages  do not have potable Drinking water, schools, hospitals, roads and electricity.

It accused the company of partnering with the federal government to undermine the people of the region, leaving them to rot.

“When we blew the Chevron Valve Platform it resulted into total blackout in the Escravos Tank farm for more than three hours. If we (Niger Delta Avengers) can do it,  just know that we are capable of bringing down your tank farm if you continue with repair works on the blown valve platform.

“Chevron and Nigeria Government are pushing us to do against our belief. Despite making it clear we are not after innocent human lives but as it’s going we might cause human casualties if they don’t listen to us. Be informed that if we decide to strike,  it’s going to be bloody(sic). And the contracting firm going to do the repair works, we want you to know that your facilities and staff will be our first casualties.

“Our warning to Chevron is that despite the heavy presence of military in the creeks, it will not stop us from carrying out our operations. We are ready to destroy more pipelines.  We won’t only destroy pipelines, but will bring the fight to your tank farm and your Headquarters in Lekki, Lagos.

“If you continue to undermine us and go ahead with the repair works you won’t see us coming but we are coming for you”.

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  • New Nigerian says:

    Not true. The real polluters are those cutting all these pipelines…and you know it!

  • MarkDonners says:

    Do’t these oil companies like Shell and Chevron have a bad history of polluting and destroying Nigeria’s environment and waterways and employ vigilantes to kill innocents? The oil companies have blood on their hands.

  • New Nigerian says:

    By the time justice is served on these terrorists those aiding and abetting them by amplifying their rants through publishing them would go look for their loyalty to the country from where they dumped it. May God protect Nigeria Armed forces as they do the needful of stopping terrorism everywhere in the country

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