Nigerians lampoon Buhari’s #budgetofcorruption

Nigerians lampoon Buhari’s #budgetofcorruption

Tuesday, February 9, 2016 7:50 pm

#BudgetofCorruption has been trending all day in Nigeria. And if President Muhammadu Buhari and his Ministry of Budget officials are social-media conversant, they would have needed to seek the shield of the Supreme Court from the cascades of missiles Nigerians are throwing at them

Nigeria’s 2016 budget, at N6trillion, laid a record as the highest in recent history.

But it has also laid several records as a document, senators declared missing, then it was swapped for corrections and then it was found replete with many scandalous provisions that would make the often abused Goodluck Jonathan smell nice as a saint.

2016 budget is indeed a scandal of egregious proportion and it shows a lack of rigour within government or a mere unseriousness about the trumpeted objective of reducing corruption.

Corruption however, regrettably walks on four legs in the budget.

Let President Buhari and his handlers endeavour to compile all the anomalies and abnormalities in the budget, being pointed out everyday, especially at committee sessions at the National Assembly, they will agree that Nigeria does not have a budget yet, what we have is a busted budget, unfit for a regime that rode to power on the horse of change.

Here are some comments and revelations on Twitter today:

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