Nigerians ‘hail’ Abacha for keeping loot in Swiss banks

Nigerians ‘hail’ Abacha for keeping loot in Swiss banks

Tuesday, January 12, 2016 9:04 pm

Eromosele Ebhomele

General Sani Abacha

General Sani Abacha: A Nigerian 

Nigerians have again lived up to their world acclaim as the happiest people on earth as they reacted with humorous jibes to the news that Switzerland was about to repatriate to Nigeria another $300million stolen by the late military dictator, General Sani Abacha.

Rather than condemning Abacha, many commentators on various social media platforms on Tuesday, with  tinge of sarcasm celebrated the  military leader  for having the ‘foresight’ to  save the funds he looted from Nigeria in safe places where such funds could be retrieved.

While some Nigerians called Abacha a hero for helping to loot the funds because he must have known that Nigeria would later be in economic quagmire, some others wondered how the man could steal a country blind to the extent that nobody knows how much he actually looted.

Some were happy that while Abacha stashed the money away somewhere in an account, Sambo Dasuki, the immediate past National Security Adviser, currently being tried for corruption, went on a spending spree.

A Nigerian with the Twitter handle, @seyitaylor, simply said: “I will never ever abuse Abacha again. Bailout king.”

@Nsidem said: “you know Abacha is a national hero when he supports every administration with cash – from the grave. #$300 million.”

For Amara Nwakpa, who tweets @bubusn: “Abacha was not corrupt. He just had the foresight to establish a savings account for the federation…Just when things (are) about to get real tight, you just hear that Abacha loot is about to pay another $300 million.”

@Nobsdaslushhkid simply related Abacha loot to an unending love since the recovery of the loot has become endless.

While some Nigerians are happy, public affairs analyst Oluwakayode Olumide Ogundamisi, noted what Nigeria‬ was getting back from the Abacha loot was “less than 30 percent of what that evil family are hiding from Nigeria. Sadly they gloat today.

“They (The Abachas) gloat because the illegal wealth of their Father are meant to be forgiving and enjoyed by the offsprings, it is following the Nigerian BIBLICAL interpretation of do not visit the sins of the Father on the Children.

“So we simply get a little $300 million every 10 years from Switzerland and the Abacha family still live happily forever on stolen wealth, the blood and sweat of Nigerians.

“If the Abacha’s have any sense of humanity, they will return every penny hiding abroad, if not for anything but for the reconstruction of Northern Nigeria.

“A region impoverished by looters from same region and beyond, producing today’s Boko Haram as a result of inequality and imposition of a subservient culture, an elitist imposition based on ‘rankadede’ ideology, that dark shade wearing evil psychopath called General Sanni Abacha is one rogue that should not be cloned in our country again and yes I am taking it personal, akutu ku tu Abacha.”

For Senator Shehu Sani, “the reported return of $300 million of ‘Abacha loot’ by the Swiss government is commendable. Effort must be stepped up to recover every cent of Nigeria’s pillaged funds in foreign vaults.

“It will equally be of interest to know from the Swiss how much accrued as interest when such amount of money was deposited in those Banks for 20 years.”

@Mayourspeaks said: “Abacha!!!! Not again $300million recovered? Guy, you are a legendary looter. Every administration benefits from your legendary loot sir!”

In his opinion, @ebuka_akara noted that “Abacha is long dead but his actions are still having an effect on the nation.”

A tweeter handle, @SegunObasanjo, said: “it is highly commendable that the Swiss Government wants to return $300 million of Abacha’s loot. More efforts must be made (to) recover every looted kobo.”

Also, @itsGODDY, said: “If You Tell Me Abacha Is A Hero Seeing The Huge Money He Saved For Us, I’ll Agree With You. He Never Stole, He Only Saved For The Future.”

Ebuka Akara with handle @ebuka_akara, was comical: “on the bright side, Abacha opened a savings account for Nigeria’s rainy days.”

Ayo Sogunro with the handle: @ayosogunro, said: “the difference between Dasuki and Abacha is this: Abacha kept money in his account, while Dasuki just wasted it. Let’s thank God for Abacha.”

@dynastykotun said: “Abacha never looted. He knew OBJ (Olusegun Obasanjo) and the likes were coming so he hid some money to prevent looting. #ThankAbacha”

In his view, Kay Baba with handle: @datGuyKOFO, said: “Swizz is only returning peanut out of Abacha’s loots to Nigeria. There’s more. Azzin, MOREEEEEEEEE.”

Celebrity, Toke Makinwa with handle: @tokstarr, said: “every administration gets free cash from this Abacha loot. The money that never ends.”

Onye Ukuzi with handle @cchukudebelu, said: “Abacha’s money must have built roads, airports, produced fantastic ROI for Switzerland. They are probably paying us out of the profits.”

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