The kid rat hawkers of Abuja

The kid rat hawkers of Abuja

Monday, January 4, 2016 12:17 am

One of the Abuja kid rat hawkers

One of the Abuja kid rat hawkers

By Femi Ipaye/Abuja

As known vectors of many viral diseases, human beings are warned to be careful in their dealing with rodents.

This is more so with reports of outbreak of Lassa fever in a couple of Nigerian states, with the latest being Taraba in recent times.

While Nigerian health authorities have been hammering on the need to keep away from rodents to limit the spread of the fever, these kids captured along the expressway that leads to Kuje Area Council, about 41 kilometres from Abuja, Nigeria Federal Capital Territory seemed not be aware of the danger.

Abuja's kid rat hawker

Abuja’s kid rat hawker

Against admonitions to keep away from rodents, the kids were not only romancing rats, but were offering it for sale.

Bush rat is a delicacy in some sections of the country! Therefore, the kid rat hawkers, oblivious of the health dangers, see nothing wrong in what they regarded as their attempt to cater for the culinary delight of some of their country men.

Indeed, the elder of the kid threatened to stone the photographer for taking the shot of his brother, saying “you want to use my brother for money, God punish you”. This images were taken on the second day of January 2016.

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  • New Nigerian says:

    …and children who should be in school are forced to seek basic subsistence killing rats for sale so they could live..

  • nnanque says:

    This picture is supposed to be enlarged in posters on billboards lining the roads to Aso Rock and the National Assembly of Nigeria in the same city. Abuja.It should be there to prick their conscience if they have any and be a constant reminder that while they are busy claiming billions in salaries, funiture allowance, dressing allowance ete,etc, the Nigerian people whom they supposed to serve are feeding on rats. WHAT -A-SHAME.

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