$6.9 Million Stage Contract: My Hands Are Clean- Obuah

$6.9 Million Stage Contract: My Hands Are Clean- Obuah

Monday, August 31, 2015 3:56 pm



Gordon Obuah, former Chief Security Officer to former President Goodluck Jonathan has denied accusations that he initiated a memo for procurement of three mobile stages for use during public appearances of the former President. Obuah said this in reaction to reports over the weekend that he received the sum of $6.9 million for the three mobile stages which were never bought shortly after the former President was sworn into office in 2011. The funds for the mobile stages sourced from the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC was allegedly paid into the account of a company owned by the former CSO.

But in a statement by Andrew Itsekiri, his lawyer, Obuah said that he also did not receive a penny for the construction of any stage for Jonathan and that the company which was said to have received $6.9 million did not belong to him.

The former CSO challenged those behind the allegation to provide evidence to link him with the purchase of the mobile stages from Corporate Affairs Commission and the leadership of NNPC to identify the person or the owner of the company to whom the purported money was paid. Obuah said he was confronted with the same allegation which he denied when he was arrested by the State Security Services some weeks ago.

“Our client did not know anything about the purported transactions. He did not initiate any memo to the then presidency. It is a mere cheap blackmail. The authorities have a duty to dispel claims that the whole idea is to hurriedly charge him to court with no single shred of evidence to convict, with the expectation that his innocence can only be established years later, after his reputation would have been irredeemably dented before an unsuspecting public,” said Itsekiri.

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  • Phil says:

    If they have sufficient evidence to try him in court why leak a secret report? The only logical reason I know is because that way you can incite controversy and debate, as well as ruin a man’s reputation, without having to go through the courts. It also suggests that they don’t in fact have the evidence to back up these claims.

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