Kwara PDP queries Gov. Ahmed’s N5billion loan

Kwara PDP queries Gov. Ahmed’s N5billion loan

Friday, August 21, 2015 2:44 pm

People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in Kwara has queried the rationale behind the state government’s decision to borrow five billion naira to pay the arrears of local governments’ staff salaries.

The state Publicity Secretary of the Party, Chief Rex Olawoye, made the observation in an interview with News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Ilorin.

Olawoye, therefore, challenged, Gov. Abdulfatah Ahmed, to explain what the monthly Federal Allocations to the councils have been used for.

He maintained that the N3.5 billion Federal Allocation to the 16 local governments in the state for the month of June was adequate to offset the three months arrears of salaries allegedly owed council staff.

He said this was aside the state statutory allocation of N5.2 billion from the Federation Account for the same month.

“Once an organisation resorts to borrow to pay salaries, such organisation should be counting its days of collapse or bankruptcy.

“As much as it is good to pay salaries with borrowed money, how do you pay back the loan with the interest? Borrowing to pay salaries means postponing the evil days,” Olawoye said.

Olawoye challenged Ahmed to tell the world what happened to the June allocations that should warrant his borrowing money for salaries.

The spokesman gave breakdown of the June allocation to each of the 16 councils to prove why it was needless for the APC-led state government to raise bond to pay salaries.

He said that Ifelodun got N266 million in June only paid N65 million as monthly salaries.

He said even if the local government spent N195 million to offset three months arrears, it would be left with balance of N71 million for other services.

Olawoye said Asa got N202 million; Baruten, N323 million; Edu N253 million; Ekiti, N156 million; Isin, N157 million; Ilorin East, N232 million; Ilorin South, N234 million and Ilorin West, N279 million.

The others were Irepodun, N200 million; Moro N208 million; Kaima, N258 million; Offa, N186 million; Oke-Ero, N157 million; Oyun, N178 million; and Pategi, N213million.

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