No election in Abia, say Anyim, Otti

No election in Abia, say Anyim, Otti

Saturday, April 11, 2015 8:52 pm

Alex Otti: Abia election a sham

Alex Otti: Abia election a sham

Two governorship candidates in the eastern Nigerian state of Abia have called forvthe cancellation of election in the state, as they alleged massive rigging.

The candidates who made the call were the Governorship candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Chief Nyerere Anyim and All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA), Dr. Alex Otti.

Anyim and Otti told journalists that the election in the 17 local councils was a sham.

Anyim spoke at Agburuike and Otti in Nvosi, Isiala Ngwa.

They said the election was characterised by cases of electoral irregularities: snatching of ballot boxes, using fake uniformed men among other electoral offences.

According to Otti, “There no was no election in Abia State. The Governor (T.A Orji) and PDP in collaboration with INEC officials went to various polling units and withdraw the original result sheet which they replaced with a fake one.

“We have information as I speak with you (journalists) that PDP are thumb printing ballot papers in the official residence of a top PDP member in the state.

“They are going around using thugs who wield machetes and fire arms, shooting sporadically in the air to harass and scare people away before snatching the ballot papers and result sheets. They are also doing this using fake uniformed men to cart away the election materials.

“It is the same situation in Umuahia, Aba North and South, Umuahia North and South, Ohafia, Umunneochi. In fact, there is no election in Abia State and I am calling on the chairman of Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), Attahiru Jega to cancel the election in the entire 17 Local Government Areas of the state because what we witnessed is a total sham and cannot in any way be described as an election. We have evidences and genuine reason to call for the cancelation of the poll”.

The APGA guber candidate however expressed the optimism that he would still defeat the ruling party in the state if the election was reconducted in a credible and transparent atmosphere

Anyim while appraising the conduct of the polls said it was peaceful in his area and however regretted reported pockets of ballot snatching, intimidation of the opposition by the ruling party, stressing that the act of thuggrey and ballot box stealing as was reported by their agents in the field shows the desperateness of the ruling party.

According to him, “It was primitive. Nigeria is too big for such a thing to happen; where election materials were being stolen. It shows that they (PDP) have failed the state because if they did well, they wouldn’t have resorted to stealing of ballot boxes and other sensitive materials. It is a total shame and shows how they have failed in giving the people of the state, good governance. It shows that they have badly managed the state and that is why the people need change which APC is going to bring to the state when we come on board as a government that the people of the state is truly yarning for which the PDP has failed to achieve in the last 16years of their administration in the state.”

Also speaking, a chieftain of APGA and the Abia Central Senatorial candidate of the party‎ in the just concluded National Assembly election, Chief Ahamdi Emmanuel Nweke, corroborating Dr. Otti’s position accused the ruling party of rigging the process and accused the PDP of causing mayhem all over the state.

According to Nweke, “the actions of the PDP an‎d some corrupt INEC officials is a rape to democracy.

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  • Emeka Ojukwu says:

    I am a medical doctor working in Abia State. I have no Private clinic
    cos i am committed to my residency program. I live in Osisioma Aba.
    There were no Elections there. PDP collaborated with corrupt INEC
    officials and stole the original result sheets. The Corps members
    refused to go and conduct the elections while those that were forced to
    go were beaten at the poll by angry youths. Some corps members that went
    came back as late as 01:00am via bush paths because of angry youths.
    The same happened in most polling units across the State. This election
    was a disgrace and has brought emotional pains to Abians. Please Prof
    Jega we love you and we believe in you. Please save Abia we beg you in
    the name of our God! Finally, please Pres. Jonathan tell Gov.T.A Orji to
    pay us our 7 months workers salaries. It is entering the 8th month. We
    are suffering severely in this state. Other neighboring states are making mockery of our despicable infrastructural situation. ABIANS ARE LIVING IN

  • chinwe says:

    my name is chinwendu i reside in umuahia, as a withness i will say there was no election in abia state, with what i saw yesterday at ndagbo afara in umuahia, pls inec look into this matter, we the youth of abia state are not happy with what the ruling party are doin, inec look into this matter ooooooooo

  • Overseas says:

    T.A. Orji has no conscience. His reputation as a governor of Abia state has been known as the worst and corrupt among the 36 governors in Nigeria. To be honest citizens of Nigeria who live overseas know T.A. Orji as the most corrupt governor in Nigeria. The Almighty God we worship has given you a long period of time to turn from your evil ways. T.A. Orji: Have you asked your self if God is not watching you. You will be accountable for the suffering and blood of the ones you and your family have shaded.

  • Samuel Mgbeodinma says:

    My name is Samuel Mgbeodinma and I reside in Aba. It was rather disappointing that at this time an age when we as a country and state should focus on perfecting our Democratic system through sincerely , transparency and strict adherence to well defined electoral rules that such irregularities are experienced in Abia. As a witness it was indeed a shameful report. Without sentiments, I affirm there was no election in Abia and would call for cancelation and investigation by INEC. It was so obvious that these acts associated with THUGGERY has a lot to do with the incubent party PDP. ITS A SHAME !!

  • Ubuluemewusim Valentine Maduko says:

    They should go ahead and win their election their own ways, but please, traders in Aba do not wish to go through what they went through in the hands of formal regime. Let me made it clear, revenue should be cut down in Aba.

  • baba says:

    ln Abia state dere is no election,PDP hijack every elections materials and some centres if PDP knows that other parties has candidates in that centre,they will lock up the gate and said there is no election going on there.PDP rigged all the 17 LGAs,but God mst arrange them soon.PDP can not lead us again.

  • Evang. Uche David says:

    Please this practically Unacceptable in The State of NiGERIA coS aS An individual it is Actually a RAPE OF DEMOCRACY as chief NWEKE rightly said in his speech,
    I also hereby call on the official of INEC who has resorted to bribe to refrine from this sinful act Which is Acountable to GOD and MAN, which they had exhibted in Abia State, We need CHANGE BUT NOT P.D.P. In OUR State cos the groaning of the People in this state GOD has heard,,,,,,,,,,,
    Please INEC CHAIRMAN MY ABLE PROF…. Please use your GOOD office to Exornorate From this crime AGAINST GOD & HUMANITY IN THE State of Abia…….
    Long live…… Nigeria..
    Long live…… Abia State…
    Long live……. Good People of Abia
    Long live……..uncorruptible Citizen’s of Nigeria
    Long live……..Ambitions citizen’s of Change…..
    Peace, Love, & Oneness we need……..

  • Zii says:

    T.A Orji!!! Ur at it again. Abia state has. Suffered for 16yearsss in the hands of PDP and yet u guys want further waste. T.A ORJI, worst govenor in the whole Universe, allow. Credible men the chance to Librate that state!!!

  • Oj says:

    What a shameful situation, is this the true act of democracy? people are so self centered interested in swelling their pockets and bank accounts at the expense of the masses economic well being to the extent they can do an undo to win. I say woe and shame to you thou enemy of progress. I understand you don’t care about your unspeakable credibility but that is what the God’s own state need at this time. Enough is enough, Abia state has credible candidates to move the state forward, it will be my humble opinion to have free election allowing the indigenes to vote in the change they are desiring. A governor that cares about his or her credibility more than unusual dubious manipulation of the state wealth for self enrichment. Without doubt, a candidate like Dr. Alex Otti has that track record capable of the desiring change in Abia.

  • Mathew says:

    GOD Bless Abia State. May The People’s Choice supersede the wicked people’s plans.

  • vf says:

    you’re very correct

  • Agodichinma says:

    Dis Abia state governor shld be ashamed of him self…@ u old age,u still behave like a 30yrs old man…u coused all dis rubbish in Abia,where u were trying to rig d election..change u ways b4 God almighty visit u badly u will end up in jail..u have no contro +u so calld father like son mstcheeeeeee

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