Jonathan denies being in Lagos to rig for PDP

Jonathan denies being in Lagos to rig for PDP

Friday, April 10, 2015 10:27 pm

•President Goodluck Jonathan: says Lagos visit not for rigging polls

•President Goodluck Jonathan: says Lagos visit not for rigging polls

A Spokesman for President Goodluck Jonathan has debunked a claim by the All Progressives Congress that his Thursday visit to Lagos was to coordinate rigging plans for the Peoples Democratic Party in the Saturday governorship election.

Reuben Abati, Jonathan’s media adviser wondered why Jonathan would rig the governorship election for the PDP when he did not rig the March 28 presidential election in which he was a candidate.

Abati insisted that there was nothing unusual in people paying homage to the President when he is on a visit to Lagos or any other part of the country.

He said the APC spokesman lied and was rude to suggest that Jonathan met with people in Lagos for the purpose of rigging the elections.

The presidential spokesman said Muhammed and his paymasters were only cooking up meaningless tales in order to change the commendation Jonathan had received across the globe for conceding defeat in the presidential election.

He said, “Lai Muhammed is wrong to say that the President came to Lagos to rig the governorship and State House of Assembly elections scheduled for Saturday, April 11. He is of course lying as usual. And rude.

“President Jonathan visited Lagos. He arrived on Thursday and left on Friday. People visited him. So what? Anytime the President is in Lagos or any part of the country, a lot of people come to pay homage to him.

“Nothing unusual happened during his last visit to Lagos. Senator Musiliu Obanikoro’s visit to the President in Lagos is not something that anybody should use to play politics. Koro is a Minister of the Federal Republic. He came to see his boss.

“Mr. Jimi Agbaje is the governorship candidate of the PDP in Lagos. I don’t see how his visit to the President, who is also the leader of his party, the PDP, should become an issue.

“Yes, Gani Adams also visited, but so did a lot of other people.”

Abati added that the President did not hold meetings with INEC officials, neither did he meet with the police, polling officials or with anybody who is involved in organising elections.

He said to claim that the President went to Lagos to supervise the rigging of Saturday’s election was most uncharitable and cruel.

“After the presidential election, the President immediately congratulated Gen. Buhari and the whole world has commended him for saving Nigeria.

“President Jonathan’s sportsmanship, statesmanship and leadership saved this country at that critical moment. He has demonstrated his commitment to free and fair election, the rule of law and due process. He has shown that he is a man of character, honour and integrity. Nigerians generally are proud of him.

“He has left a worthy legacy and shown a great example. That, obviously, is the narrative that Lai Muhammed and his masters want to change, so they are now cooking up meaningless tales.

“Lai Muhammed should look for another target and leave the President alone. His fatuous tale does not make any sense. I repeat: we will like to advise that the APC should just leave the President alone.

“President Jonathan was a candidate in the presidential election; he did not rig the election. Why would he want to rig tomorrow’s elections?

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  • Kekedu says:

    Because you rigged Ekiti and you came to Lagos only for Koro and OPC to pay you visit. Show me your friends… And I will tell you who you are. Your association with Koro will only continue to stain your so called ‘statesman’ status.

  • GodwinEdwards says:

    You that respond to the accusations by Lai Mohammed is one of the people that made Jonathan to have lost Presidential election last time because you people only talked without plans, strategies…even including your master Jonathan,,,,All of you are just bunch of dissappointments……the APC strategised, planned, executed under your watch with all your superior wherewithals nothing came out of it, you guys with Jonathan sucks……its a pity Jonathan do not actually portray the girth of a true ijaw man…….even this last opportunity to redeem his battered image by APC by providing security in places like Lagos, Kaduna and Kano to avoid the fraud that took place last time…..You are still talking craps on newspapers headlines about Lai Mohammed

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