Mugabe feeds guests with elephant meat on birthday

Mugabe feeds guests with elephant meat on birthday

Saturday, February 28, 2015 1:59 pm

Mugabe: celebrates 91 on Saturday

Mugabe: celebrates 91 on Saturday

Zimbabwe’s President, Robert Mugabe, will Saturday evening feed some 20,000 guests with a menu of two young elephants in addition to other animals that would be slaughtered for the event, according to the LA Times.

One of these two elephants, said to be given to him as gift by game farmer Tendai Musasa, was shot on Thursday, butchered and delivered to cooks for the event. The second is yet to be killed.

Controversial Mugabe became 91 last week, but decided to celebrate the birthday Saturday evening. He is the longest serving President having being at the head of governance since leading the country to Independence.

Musasa also donated a lion and a crocodile apart from other things while 40 cows were contributed to the event by two of Mugabe’s appointees.

Sky News reports that Mugabe won hotly disputed elections in 2013 and his political standing appears solid, despite the country’s economy in a perilous state.

During his 27-year reign, the report stated, he has crushed dissent and sparred frequently with the West over his human rights record, casting himself as a champion of post-colonial Africa.

In spite of this celebration, however, he still has scores to settle with the West over his alleged human rights record.

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