Buhari equipped the army better than Jonathan: Campaign Group

Buhari equipped the army better than Jonathan: Campaign Group

Wednesday, February 18, 2015 4:54 pm

Buhari: spent more money on military weapons than Jonathan

Buhari: spent more money on military weapons than Jonathan

The All Progressives Congress Presidential Campaign Organisation (APCPCO) has debunked the lies of a newspaper advertorial about Nigeria’s military expenditure during the 20-month reign of General Muhammadu Buhari, saying that the presidential candidate of the APC expended more money in equipping the military within his short stint as Head of State than President Jonathan did in two years.

The APCPCO in a statement by its Director of Media and Publicity, Malam Garba Shehu on Tuesday noted that whereas Buhari spent only 20 months in office and imported 940 million United States Dollar worth of arms when crude oil sold for between 10 and 14 US Dollar per barrel, President Jonathan spent 48 months in office and imported 284 million United State Dollars of arms between 2011 and 2013 when a barrel of crude oil sold for 140 million US Dollars.

“The advertorial in question is part of the litany of lies being peddled by the PDP and its presidential candidate to confuse Nigerians about how incapable the Jonathan administration is.

“This is an administration that got revenue in an unprecedented proportion in the history of the country through the sale of crude oil and, at the same breadth, show-cased corruption and wastefulness in unprecedented proportions.

“Nigerians have seen through the nearly six years of the Goodluck Jonathan’s administration that it has been six years of stealing of crude oil at an industrial scale; six years of clueless leadership and six years of high-level corruption.

“The PDP doesn’t need to tell a lie about how wrongly President Jonathan has steered the affairs of the state in the past years, and that is why we need to remind Nigerians that this election is a referendum about the Jonathan’s administration.”

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  • Ndubuisi Chinedu says:

    Story for the gods. Go and do more research APCPCO

  • Destiny Whyte says:

    And yet he was cheaply overthrown as head of state? Competent indeed

  • Destiny Whyte says:

    I love listen to lies when i know the truth.

  • Samuel Orji says:

    APC can lie too much, there nobody will even believe.

  • uzo says:

    waste of fund

  • Ada Faithful says:

    buhari should tell us how he misused #2.8million when he was NNPC chairman

  • Dafe Sonia says:

    Mismanagement of funds thats what i call it.

  • Uncle Charlie says:

    Please lets hear something else. With such military equipping, he was still thrown out of office. looks like wasted funds to me

  • emmanuel says:

    The military is better equipped under GEJ than any other past president

  • Nwagu Sunday says:

    Equipped the military and carried put in place heinous decrees that were enforced by this same military

  • ahmed says:

    isn’t that stupid? starving Nigerians so you could buy guns. every Nigerian should place a curse on buhari,for the pain he has brought to this country. does buying guns increase a country’s GDP?#NoGMBtillhedies!

  • wisdom okwu says:

    All these comparison is irrelevant, buhari knows in his heart of hearts that he does not have the interest of Nigerians, needless for all the waste of time and resources, GEJ has won the peoples choice and the choice of the people is the choice of the LORD

  • uko bassey says:

    Buhari is a very stupid and senseless human to use such an amount of money for arms when the country was behind in a lot of areas like power,education,infrastructure and other sectors. who was he planning to goto war against? APC should be scraped off list of political parties, for making buhari their candidate.

  • Etega says:

    Na rubbish talk b dis..

  • Nwaobilor says:

    When Buahari campaigned in Borno not a banger went off, whenever he passes the NorthWest or NorthEast no noise will be heard, but if Jonathan goes close to the North HELL will be let loose.. Buahri and his stooges have questions to answer.

  • geraldine jaja says:

    the world is struggling to be at peace, why would we vote a man who will spend all the country’s fortune in buying guns and ammunition? we dont need him and we will keep rejecting this murderer till the day he leaves this earth! #Vote GEJ#Vote peace and continuity!

  • Enumah says:

    I ask, after Boko Haram what else has GMB to offer?. Is BH the only problem we face?.

  • Ukpono says:

    See how stupid this guys are?. Exposing themselves, Buhari was in an era of disorder and chaos when coup was the reigning polls. He spent such whooping amount in the 80’s so he could secure the seat he forcefully took over.

  • Ola Smith says:

    with all the equipments america has, and those so called world powers, ISIS is still a problem. let’s leave this buhari talk abeg.

  • how else do they want jonathan to equip these people, until he picks up a riffle and jump in to the bush with the soldiers that’s when you people will rest, but trust people they will complain also, saying “look at this president, is he not ashamed, why would he take a gun and follow these soldiers” please people more support and less criticism

  • Esohe Akhigbe says:

    If there is one thing he has equipped, is the boko boys, old man go and take some bed rest, that seat kills sick people remember??

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