Governors pose no threat to senators' re-election, says Akpabio

Governors pose no threat to senators' re-election, says Akpabio

Thursday, November 6, 2014 7:26 pm

Akpabio: governors not threatening senators re-election

Akpabio: governors not threatening senators re-election

Governor Godswill Akpabio of Akwa Ibom state said that governors aspiring to be elected into the Senate in 2015 posed no threat to senators seeking re-election.

He said this on Thursday in Abuja while speaking with newsmen after submitting his nomination and expression of interest forms to contest the Akwa Ibom North West Senatorial District in 2015.

Akpabio, who is also the Chairman of the PDP Governors Forum, said that the political space was wide and open for healthy competition among all players.

He said that there were only nine serving governors seeking the senatorial seat in 2015 against 109 senate seats available in the upper legislative arm.

Akpabio, who wants to replace Sen. Aloysius Etok, however, says he will love to have about 75 per cent of senators returned to the senate.

This, he said, would ensure a robust legislation for the country as the exposure of such senators would perfect legislative duties.

He, however, added that serving senators had 100 per cent chance to return to the senate, stressing that there was no significant threat in the political transition.

Akpabio added that whatever dissenting voice that was being heard at the moment would be silenced by the PDP internal resolution mechanism, saying that it was a party affair.

“The senate has about 109 members and PDP serving governors interested in going to the senate are not up to nine, so you still have at least 100 chances for incumbent senators.

“And if it is possible for us to return more than 75 percent of our senators in the National Assembly, it would help a lot in legislation and deepen democracy,’’ Akpabio said.

He added that there was no threat to any senator where the governors of PDP nurtured interest in going to the national assembly or the senate.

“In the sky there is enough space for all birds to fly. Politics is about the people, and the people`s choice should be allowed to prevail,’’ he said.

He said that whatever was happening now between the senate and the party or the presidency remained the party`s internal affair and would be resolved as a family.

He, however, said that he was seeking election to the senate because his constituents prompted him, based on his performance.

According to him, the people believe he still has a lot to offer and can better their lives in the senate.

“This is an answer to the yearning of my people who assessed my tenure in the last seven and half years and concluded that I still have a lot to offer.

“My representation of the district in the senate will enhance their living standard and improve their economic status.

“That is why I have accepted the call by my people and I have filled the necessary papers and I have submitted and I am prepared to represent the PDP as a distinguished senator come 2015.”

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