Spain Ebola patient recovering

Spain Ebola patient recovering

Saturday, October 11, 2014 12:01 pm

Teresa Romero: condition improves

Teresa Romero: condition improves

Teresa Romero Ramos, the Spanish nurse suffering from Ebola virus is in in better state and “talking”:, the AFP has reported quoting medical sources in Madrid.

The condition of the nurse was said to be very critical yesterday, with fears expressed for her survival.

She “is quite a bit better than yesterday. Her condition improved in the night. She is conscious and talks from time to time when she is in a good mood,” a medical source told AFP.

Her condition “is serious but is improving”, the source said.

Doctors in Madrid started treating Romero with the experimental Ebola treatment ZMapp late on Friday, the source added.

There is still no vaccine or widely available treatment for Ebola, but ZMapp is one of several drugs that have been fast-tracked for development.

Romero was on October 6 the first person diagnosed as having caught the deadly haemorrhagic fever outside of Africa.

She is thought to have contracted the disease in late September in a Madrid hospital while caring for a Spanish missionary who was repatriated after he became infected with Ebola in Africa.

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  • drjen9094 says:

    How is it that we keep hearing no more ZMapp is available, and then it turns out someone else receives it? Not that I think there’s anyone who doesn’t “deserve” to have it! I can’t help but notice that most who have received it to date show rapid improvement, which all hesitate to credit to the experimental medication. However, as more people manage to receive this “unavailable” medication I think it will become clear that it does work and works quickly. I would hate to see this become a situation where only those patients considered deserving are given the drug.

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