Many killed as protests at Kirikiri Prisons turned bloody

Many killed as protests at Kirikiri Prisons turned bloody

Saturday, October 11, 2014 4:09 am

Kirikiri Prison

Kirikiri Prison

Many inmates of the Kirikiri Medium Prison in Lagos were reportedly killed Friday following a protest by inmates over the isolation of one of them.

According to an insider’s report, the isolated inmate, who also leads a Christian programme within the prisons had bought a microphone and a fan from his funds kept with the prison officials.

But the deputy prison controller,Kayode Adeyemi said to be leaving the prison for a course, was said to have disapproved the purchase and ordered that the prisoner be locked up in isolation as punishment.

This sparked the row with other inmates, who threw stones and pebbles at the warders.

The deputy prison controller reportedly ordered the prison police unit to shoot at sight.

This led to shots being fired at the mob of inmates and deaths of many.

There were no reactions yet from the prison authorities.

Another account however said that the trouble started when Adeyemi, assembled all the inmates for a formal introduction of a new Deputy Controller Mr. Okocha.

The event was said to have turned into a protest by inmates, who accused Adeyemi of highhandedness.

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