TB Joshua now claims predicting tragedy, curses critics

TB Joshua now claims predicting tragedy, curses critics

Thursday, October 2, 2014 6:43 am

In a move that critics would term as after-thought, Pastor Temitope Joshua, has claimed that he saw a vision of the incident that killed at least 115 persons in the guesthouse of his Synagogue Church of All Nations.

The victims, mainly South Africans, died when a six-storey guesthouse belonging to the church caved in on September 12. Joshua claimed, in video clips, the building was attacked by a ‘mysterious terrorist plane’, a claim that was pooh-poohed by critics.

TB Joshua: 115 deaths after a house collapse

TB Joshua: 115 deaths after a house collapse

The Punch reported that the embattled clergyman, who said he knew something tragic was to befall his ministry, noted that he prepared his parishioners on how to handle the tragedy.

In a statement posted on the SCOAN’s official Facebook page, TB Joshua warned his critics against accusing him of failing to foresee the disaster that befell his ministry.

“For those who are outside the Lord, they would not know. When you are outside God, you will not know what I am talking. When you are outside the light, you cannot understand what I am talking.
“For the three weeks before the incident, if you heard my message and sat down, you would know I was giving you a vision and prophetic word on how to handle the situation at hand. Trials and tests are for our belief. I go by the directives of God,” TB Joshua claimed.

Accusing his critics of being “used by Satan,” the televangelist said they were just out to “disturb” the faith of his local and international members with “negative words.”

According to him, all the “Satanic agents” criticising him over the circumstances surrounding the incident, would soon “suffer for it.”

Since none of his critics is unable to help him raise the victims from death, TB Joshua argued that they should stop rubbishing his ministry or risk paying dearly for it.

Those who could not stop what happened (building collapse), he said, should be “careful of their tongues” as “anybody can go for it.

“I have been on this journey for 27 years. Do you think God can close His eyes and rubbish everything here? They are asking God to bring more evidence of whether He is the one who called me. Warn everyone to be very careful. This issue at hand is a delicate issue.

“People are using this to gain money and friends. This is a warning. Whatever people want to write let them write; they will be the ones to read it. I said our God would get back to them. He has started somewhere. He is coming. If your brother is involved, unless he can resurrect the people who died, he will join them. If you can resurrect the people who died, you can go free.

“The servants, the people who sent them; the people who heard the stories all around and those who want to use it for themselves and to disturb my spirit, you may likely join them. Be careful. To be forewarned is to be forearmed. Let us be very careful with our tongues,” he warned.

Originally reported by The Punch

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  • King O'tuwa 1st says:

    You have been in the business of conning fools out their funds in Jesus name for 27 years. You have moved up several notches by conning them out for good. Your punishment is here in Lagos court not in a hellish Heaven. Modern day “Baba Alawo” with bible on your left hand and your right hand right deep in fools’ wallets. The only person who gets super rich in this arrangement is you. And God? He gave up on you long time ago. King O’tuwa 1st

  • eric says:

    Why is he issuing all these warnings?

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