O Godwin, how art thou fallen!

O Godwin, how art thou fallen!

Saturday, June 10, 2023 9:27 am

Chief Femi Fani-Kayode


Femi Fani-Kayode

O Godwin, where are your backers, protectors and soldiers today? You enjoyed the ride and thought it would last forever. Yet now its all over


The hunter has become the hunted and the tormentor has become the tormented.


The troubler of Nigeria is now the troubled and the source of our collective pain and tears will himself feel pain and shed tears.

Godwin Emefiele

How great and mighty is our God and how faithful He is to His promise and to His word.


O Godwin, with your cheap green tie, fading suit and wry smile you poked your greedy, grubby little fingers into Nigeria’s eye.


Like a drunken sailor and feckless dullard you boasted of your strength and wielded power with impunity as if there were no tomorrow.


Now reality has hit you in the face and you stand shamed, bowed, bloodied and naked before the world. You caused the death of many. You made men and women take their own lives.


You caused mothers and fathers to regret having their children. You caused Nigerians to strip themselves naked in public places and rant, rave and lament about their suffering and hardship.



You caused women to weep for their men and men to weep for their women. You caused millions to lose their self-esteem, self-respect and dignity and to sell their souls to Satan to make ends meet.



You brought a great and mighty nation to its knees and turned 220 million proud, hardworking and noble people into powerless, pitiful and grovelling paupers and beggars.


You caused law-abiding, loving and dutiful youths to turn into violent arsonists, terrorists and subversives out of despair, anger and frustration.


You caused men and women to burn down banks and public buildings and you caused Nigerians to lose their life’s savings, beg for bread and walk the streets penniless with no more than 200 naira in their pockets and to their names.



O Godwin, son of Emefiele, like Lucifer Son of the Dawn, you have finally fallen.


Like your father Beelzebub, you have been thrown out of heaven and now comes your judgement.


Misery, suffering, torment, tragedy, prison, the sulphur pits of Gehena and the raging fires of
hell await you for the great evil that you wrought against our nation and our people.



You turned a resilient, hardworking and enterprising people into one of hopelessness, despair and desperation.



You turned a nation of achievers and giants into a country of fickle, feckless and hungry dwarfs.


You turned a courageous, resilient and loving people who have excelled in every field of human endeavour and in every part of the civilised world to a nation of never do wells and failures with no self-respect and no dignity.


You caused men and women to curse God and pray for their own death out of disgrace and despair. You caused millions to question their faith and the very existence of God as a consequence of their misery and suffering.


You made us the laughing stock of the world. You castrated Nigeria, wounded our souls, maimed and subverted our democracy, undermined our security, humiliated and disgraced our leaders, taunted and mocked our incoming President and sent many innocent souls to an early grave.



You shattered many dreams, broke many hearts and caused many to perish and die before their time. Protected by corrupt and evil men and goaded on by a power-obsessed cabal of sick, sadistic and evil monsters and tyrants, you thought you owned Nigeria and even had the nerve to attempt to run for the Presidency.



You thought our nation was for sale and you believed that satan ruled in the affairs of men.



Yet millions prayed for your downfall and removal. Millions more are praying for your detention, investigation, incarceration and bitter end.


Never has a man been more hated in our entire history as the hateful, merciless, callous, wicked, treasonous and treacherous tyrant and traitor that goes by your name.


You believed that money was greater than God and you thought that your repugnant and villanous reign would never end.


O Godwin, I have never wished a man ill in my entire life but in your case I make an exception.



May your pathway be filled with sharp thorns, the horrors of the night and pain and may the Angel of the Lord pursue you along a dark and slippery path.


May your story and end be a graphic example and instructive reminder to the evil and wicked that man is nothing before God, that earthly power is ephemeral and transient, that all power belongs to the Living God and that the Lord alone rules in the affairs of men and forges the destiny of nations.



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