“You’re pushing me to the wall, I’ll do something drastic” – Yul Edochie blasts Judy Austin 

“You’re pushing me to the wall, I’ll do something drastic” – Yul Edochie blasts Judy Austin 

Thursday, June 8, 2023 10:31 pm

Yul Edochie and Judy Austin ,

                     By Nehru Odeh
Popular Nollywood actor Yul Edochie has again blown hot at his second wife Judy Austin, telling her she is pushing him to the wall and that  he will do something drastic.
In a video that has gone viral, Yul can be seen in a pensive mood expressing his anger at Judy for posting a video on social media after he had asked her not to do so.
“I’ll do something drastic. I’m trying so hard to control myself. I’ll do something drastic. If I take the action that is getting into my head … You’re getting me upset, believe me.
“I don’t see why I would tell you not to do something, after all the arguments on that day, you still went ahead to do that thing that I said you shouldn’t do. Why? Why? You are pushing me to the wall. You won’t like the outcome.
“I have the right to tell ‘you don’t do this thing’ and you’re supposed to listen to me. You posted it for me to see what I am going to do,” Yul maintained.
However, Judy on her part, accused Yul of twisting things and wondered how she was pushing him to the wall, adding that ahe posted the video as a retaliation to the one that Yul had earlier posted. According to her, “it is now 1-1.”
“How am i pushing you to the wall? When you posted your own you were not pushing me to the wall … I only posted it because it is game on,” Judy countered.
Yul continued: “When this thing would blow up. Because it is about to blow up. It is about to blow up to a point. Where this thing would get to. You’ve upset me Judy.”
Recall that Yul had In a recent video, reported by Daily Post, expressed his displeasure about Judy’s recent actions and addiction to her phone.
In that video, Judy was recording their conversation while Yul was telling her to put down the cell phone as she was not paying attention to him.
 However, Judy, while responding, argued that her phone had nothing to do with the conversation because she www listening with her ears.
She warned Yul to stop raising his voice at her, stating that he was only transferring his aggression towards her over the crash of his car.
Sharing the viral video on his Facebook page on Sunday, Yul lamented Judy’s failure to always listen to him, stating that he is getting tired of the situation.

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