BBNaija:  Factors that led to Amaka’s eviction revealed


By Nehru Odeh

Amaka-s eviction was indeed a shocker. Many BBNaija fans have yet to come to terms with her eviction from the BBNaija Season 7 Level up House. They were taken aback by her exit on Monday night after she had been nominated for immediate eviction.
Immediate eviction? Still, it was more shocking to the fans because Biggie pulled a surprise as that was the first time housemates were nominated for immediate eviction, instead of being nominated for possible eviction as was the norm. So the fans couldn’t save her.
The fans are piqued because they believe the lady who showed so much content and vibes in the House, who gave everyone things to talk and wonder about, would have been saved by her numerous fans. It would be recalled that Amaka had survived eviction twice. But that was not to be.
No matter what had happened to the plus-sized, curvy lady, who hails from Anambra State, the fact remains that while in the house she had a huge fan base, what with her content, vibes, and curves which she flaunted every often in the house, a strategy many fawn over and gush about.
But many housemates didn’t like those salacious endowments, which they feel stand her in good stead to have many fans. So to stop her from soaring high before their eyes, they had to clip her wings.
As she was about to exit the house, Amaka, looking shocked and bewildered, summoned up the courage to bid her housemates goodbye. She said: “it was nice meeting you all. I love you all,” she said. She also told them, “It’s okay, it’s fine,” as she hugged everyone.
But everyone knew that it was not fine with that beautiful lady who could not hide her tears. She revealed in her post-eviction interview that her exit came as a surprise.
However, ever since Amaka’s eviction broke, she has been trending. Many fans are embittered. They are not happy with Biggie over the immediate eviction. Not only did the eviction come as a surprise, but it also didn’t allow them to save their preferred housemate.
One Rinoms/ Phyna’s Wrapper @rifogho expressed her disappointment and anger when she tweeted that  “Amaka’s eviction is the most stupid in the history of #Bbnaija. It is even more stupid than the eviction of Avala and Isilomo.”
Still, the question is; Why was Amaka evicted? Why did she suffer that kind of fate, that shock of eviction? Her fellow housemates who nominated her have given various reasons they did that.  And if those reasons are scrutinized, one can deduce the factors that led to Amaka’s eviction.
Bryann,  who is feeling bad for nominating Amaka said his lack of diligence in nominating them led to her eviction. But we all know that that is not true. Bryann nominated Amaka because of what he calls Amaka’s “excesses” in the House. He revealed his dislike for Amaka the night both of them had a shouting match.
Chizzy, one of the Riders  in the house, told Biggie that even though he did not nominate Amaka, he felt that her eviction was fair because she was stepping on too many people’s toes
Adekunle, on his part, said he nominated Amaka and Doyin because they are two strong people and he wanted to get rid of them to increase his chance of winning.
Dotun reckons that Amaka’s eviction was just as well for “peace’s sake”. Eloswag nominated Amaka because she was found in the middle of drama; the GrooPhy rumour and the Giddyfia love square.
Giddyfia, who is ostensibly pained because Amaka’s left his love advances unrequited said he thinks Amaka was evicted because she was a troublemaker and was always involved in the House drama.
Though Giddyfia later told Biggie that he nominated her because she said she likes being up for eviction to test her strength. Giddyfia also said he realised at some point that Amaka was involved in the gossip going on in the house.
Eloswag told Biggie in his diary session that Amaka was always having an altercation with someone in the house.  He also said that gossip about Grrovy and Phyna affected Chomzy, his love interest.
While Groovy said Amakq did not apply herself enough during the game, leading to her eviction.  However, for Groovy the eviction was sad because she was a former Level 2 housemate and the Level 1 housemates dominated the House.
Still, the fact remains that of all the housemates who nominated Amaka for eviction, only Bryann is a former level 2 housemate. This indeed confirmed Groovy’s observation about the Level I housemates still dominating the house. This shows indeed that Amaka’s domination is fallout from that dominance.
The dominance of the former Levi 1 housemates notwithstanding,  from what those who nominated Amaka said were the reasons for their actions, one can see that she was nominated because many saw her not only as a threat but also believed she was against their interest.
Throughout the time she was in the house, Amaka was so expressive. Not only was she blunt,  but she was also real and never hid her feelings. And that made her step on so many toes and clash with fellow housemates such as Phyna, Giddyfia and Modella.
Adekunle himself confessed that he nominated Amaka because she was very strong and wanted to increase his chance of winning.  Adekunle is indeed speaking the minds of many housemates. And it seemed like there was a subtle gang-up against the plus-sized lady who says she is the Nigerian Nikki Minaj and always flaunts her “assets” at the slightest opportunity.
Many housemates too were wary of those assets and were also scared Amaka was becoming too popular outside the house and increasing her fan base. The fact that she survived nomination twice lends credence to that fact.
One thing that worked against Amaka was that because of her realistic nature, she could not bond with anybody in the House. All her attempts to be involved in one ship or the other failed and so she could not network with other housemates in the House. If one wants to survive in the house one has to have good networking skills. Amaka did not leverage on that while in the house.
Still, no matter what happened to Amaka, the fact remains that she would turn what seems like a misfortune into fortune.  That she held her head high while in the House will work in her favour. Not only would her teeming fans rally around her and give her all the support that she needs, both morally and financially, but she will also no doubt get a lot of endorsements shortly.
What happened to Amaka is indeed a big lesson. One needs to network in the house and be in the good books of fellow housemates while relying on the fans outside to save one. Amaka failed to do that. A d the fact that she was too expressive made many see her as a threat, which led to her immediate eviction.