BBNaija: Why Tega, Michael, Peace, Boma were evicted

BBNaija: Michael, Tega,Boma and Peace evicted.

By Nehru Odeh

Tonight’s eviction show didn’t come as a surprise. Tega, Michael, Peace and Boma have been evicted from the house. Prior to the eviction, many had singled them out for eviction. This indeed shows the power of the fans.

As usual Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, dressed in a dashing outfit,  heightened the tension-soaked evening with his table-shaking that has become his wont every eviction night. Then he started reeling the names of the evicted housemates one after the other. Tega was the first to be evicted, followed consecutively by Michael, Peace and Boma.


Tega was the first to be evicted. This did not come as a surprise because many BBNaija fans had seen it coming. Tega lost it at the tail end of her stay in the house by scandalously engaging in a relationship with Boma, which many saw as unbecoming of a woman who claimed to be married. Boma, who had always prided himself on being an “okra man” did not help matters too, what with his flippant comment about Tega’s privates. The final straw was both of them making out under the duvet. This indeed alienated many of Tega’s fans who had been rooting for her. And prior to that, Tega herself herself did not consciously build a fan base. So many fans could not identify with her.


Michael too was the architect of his downfall. Throughout his stay in the house, he never showed any sense of maturity, especially in his dealings with Jackie B, his partner in the house. If he was not expressing his anger at her, he was venting his frustrations on her. Many a time he was always over reacting to Jackie B’s actions, shouting at the top of his voice, calling her all sorts of names and even stopping short of using swear words on her. The kind of behaviour he put up in the alienated many of his fans and they turned their back on him.


Peace too shot herself in the foot with her non-committal attitude to things. She wasn’t obviously in any relationship, did not maintain a close circle of friends and was virtually nowhere to be seen in the house, even though she was everywhere.  As the saying goes, a friend to everybody is a friend to nobody. That non-committal attitude was her undoing. She could not build a strong fan base because fans couldn’t know her with anything or relate to her.


After Tega was evicted, Boma’s own eviction was only a matter of time. Boma’s eviction did not come as a surprise at all. Though he prided himself on being an “okra man”, his scandalous relationship with Tega contributed to his downfall. He did not show any sense of maturity with the derogatory comment he made about Tega’s privates while chatting with Pere. Some fans even joked with a pun, that because he was very slippery as an “Okra man” was the reason he was sleeping all over the place. He never showed any sense of maturity, what with his gossiping all over the place. None of the fans could place a handle on him. That was why they couldn’t stand behind him. The snobbish manner he treated Queen did not go down well with many fans. And the confrontation he had with Angel, insulting her family,  was the last straw that broke the camel’s back.  Big Brother is indeed watching.