Ekweremadu and the nonsensical ‘Abiyamo,’ concept

Ekweremadu and the nonsensical ‘Abiyamo,’ concept

Sunday, June 26, 2022 2:00 pm

Ike Ekweremadu


By Odolaye Aremu


Nigerians shall be a sight to see in Heaven, even in hell with the way our primordial sense of impunity travels with us wherever we go. It shall precede us in death, I swear!


Ekweremadu, a man who’s always unlucky outside of the Nigerian shores broke the laws of another country and some Nigerians are trying to stifle commentaries by invoking the nonsensical ‘Abiyamo,’ and other emotional uselessness so they can muddy the waters!


Some are justifying the ridiculousness of this shameless behaviour based on the fact of his sickly child. Well, there are thousands of kids just like the Ekweremadu child that are as precious in the sights of their parents – yet have no recourse to the type of resources at this man’s disposal. Folks that cannot afford a pair of chicken gizzards let alone an organ donor for their own sickly kids. Or, is the Ekweremadu child more important than all these other afflicted Nigerian kids?


When are we ever going to pretend to understand rules of law, and international boundaries and that that well-invoked Abiyamo concept is none of Òyìnbó people’s business?


This is an overeducated man with a PhD in law. A senator of the federation and a visiting lecturer of a University in the same UK. Can we blame it all on ignorance or what? Some are justifying it on the desperation of an Abiyamo. Is the donor from Mars or is he an alien from out of space? Isn’t he himself a product of the same Abiyamo concept?


At this critical stage in our nation, we’ve seen all sorts of affliction. Therefore, no amount of emotional blackmail or Abiyamọ pontification would make the irony of this saga go away. May the child be well but may the criminal parents be dealt with as it suits the laws of the UK!


The same man was beaten mercilessly in Germany a few years ago. Apparently, he does not listen to the cries of his own Chi. Obviously life outside Nigeria does not adequately agree with his spirit-man. Till ye politicians start to do right by Nigeria, ye shall all partake in this huge bread of sorrow ye baked with the rest of the nation!


*Odolaye Aremu is a public affairs analyst


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