10 reasons I can’t be Peter Obi’s running mate — Aisha Yesufu

10 reasons I can’t be Peter Obi’s running mate — Aisha Yesufu

Sunday, June 19, 2022 7:21 pm

Aisha Yesufu

Aisha Yesufu, a human rights activist and critic has tweeted 10 reasons she cannot be vice-presidential candidate of the Labour Party for the 2023 elections.

There have been calls on her to migrate from activism to real politics by social media, especially Twitter. They advised her to become Peter Obi’s running mate for the 2023 elections.

However, Yesufu replied with an emphatic negative. Her reasons which she tweeted are 10 in number.

In her words: “For those who have been asking, here are 10 reasons I cannot be Peter Obi’s running mate!

“I am not at a place to serve. Anything I do I do with my heart, body and soul. Until I know I can serve Nigeria with everything and be accountable I wouldn’t!

“I am from South South, Peter Obi is South East (An all Southern ticket is insensitive just like Muslim-Muslim one). For many who still do not know. I am from Agbede (Kukuruku empire) in Etsako West Local Government Area of Edo State! My coconut head come from ancestors!

“I am a very passionate person and unafraid to match toes on issue of Justice, accountability and human rights and there are people who love me dearly and also others who hate me passionately. At this fragile time, Peter Obi cannot afford to antagonise any group! Perception is key!

“So my support for Peter Obi will do more good than me being his running mate. Those who love me will jump on board. Those who hate me will be able to overlook as I am only a supporter! (We have to think a million steps ahead)

“I love campaigns! I can sell someone but I will not be able to sell myself. Vote for me because I am a better candidate! Who said I am a better candidate?! I can say vote for him or her because he or she is a better candidate. Even in business I can’t market my goods.

“I am not a process person and not too good with day to day management. I am more of a strategist. I can gauge a situation and see an angle people are not looking at or focused on or I can to an extent see how a situation will play out. I prefer working on where my strength is!

“I will not make a good party person for now because I can not keep quiet when a party does anyhow because it is my party. They will suspend me for anti party activities.

“I love the freedom of controlling my time! As a public servant, or elected official or an appointee I will give up that freedom. I will now have to go to office daily and on time. I cannot travel out when I want and stay as long as I want if I am a public servant.

“Also I will not be able to talk anyhow to people who come to my TL and do anyhow because they would be my bosses as per taxpayers! I love my mouth too much. You people know i don’t subscribe to the ideology of if they go low you go high!

“The last but not the least is that I will be forced to be politically correct. Not say things that should be said but things that will make people feel good! No way! I am a person at peace because my outside matches my inside always. How i feel inside is what you see outside!”

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