Yorùbá Ronú: Why Yorùbá Should Carefully Use Its Thought process Towards Nigeria 2023

Yorùbá Ronú: Why Yorùbá Should Carefully Use Its Thought process Towards Nigeria 2023

Thursday, January 13, 2022 4:37 pm


VP Osibajo and Asiwaju Tinubu

By Yahaya Balogun

“If you want to get involved in incredible politics, there are many ways to do just that. Just do it!” – By Yahaya Balogun

Though this writer is no political fan of Bola Ahmed Tinubu-BAT, I respect Jagaban’s policy wonk and sense of inclusiveness in the Nigerian polity.

In nutshell, Yorùbá people are good at resenting one another most especially when you are climbing the ladder of success. Yorùbá Ronú! Yorùbá people are the enemies of themselves. Historically, Obasanjo, a Yorùbá man, was used to derail AWO’s brilliant political agenda in Nigeria’s first republic and debut political dispensation. Shonekan, a Yoruba man, was used to thwart MKO Abiola’s “Farewell to poverty” in the 1993 presidential election. The two political pawns (Obasanjo and Shonekan) were Yoruba men from the same precinct. BAT and Osinbajo are being used as cannon fodders when the northern oligarchy is carefully scheming to politically “outpatient” or outpace other ethnic groups in the geopolitical map of Nigeria. Unfortunately, the Nigerian sense of history–most especially Yorùbá people is nauseatingly appalling and regrettable.

Sadly, Yorùbá’s geopolitical contemporary – the southeast doesn’t know what it wants from the “mere geographic expression” called Nigeria. The southeast extraction is an integral part of our “contraption.” Southeast Nigeria has long been deprived of its constitutional right to produce a potential President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. But the Southeast zone honestly lacks a formidable pressure group to advance its constitutional rights in the affairs of Nigeria. Southeastern Nigeria has sabotaged its own efforts to bring along other ethnic groups in Nigeria to support its legitimate grievance against the northern oligarchy and Nigeria. Every regional group is their adversary in their legitimate struggle for a leadership stake in Nigeria’s polity.

Meanwhile, it’s a rueful development to see some Yorùbá citizens throwing away their political babies with their bathwater. For example, some people are claiming that Vice President Osinbajo is a figurehead in the affairs of Nigeria under Bubu. I’m afraid I have to disagree with this trending opinion. What do you expect VP Osinbajo to do in the “contraption” called Nigeria? Osinbajo is a good and honest man. But, nowhere in the world, VPs have the overt leverage to do much as they might want to do under a capacitance or capacitated President.

Regrettably, President Muhammadu Buhari came to power seven years ago after we all campaigned for him based on his integrity and political antecedents. Expectations were high after Buhari’s inauguration. The premise of PMB’s popularity was on four cardinal issues:

1. Fighting corruption and official indiscipline.

2. Curbing a morbid state of insecurity and lawlessness.

3. Creating job opportunities for the teeming Nigerian youths.

4. Provisions of uninterrupted electricity and good roads.

Unfortunately, none of the above materialized in the lives of the Plebeians. With posterity, I am greatly concerned about the legacy of PMB, as Buhari may not make history after all. I am disappointed that PMB may have messed up our expectations to restructure a fractured and dysfunctional nation. Bubu’s legacy encumbers my support for his undisputed excited integrity.

Without any misty or equivocation, Yorùbá should trigger their thought process (Yorùbá Ronú). If Nigerian youths are still nauseatingly sleeping in their chamber of hate, hypocrisy, and mischief, rational minds would prefer Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu-BAT or Pastor Yemi Osinbajo-PYO to replace the recalcitrant but principled and tired Bubu until these youths get their act together. It’s easy for people to trade blames while political pedestrians prescribe solutions to Nigerian intractable problems. There is doubt that Senator Tinubu has his political baggage, but it is indisputable that BAT has his strategic impacts and imprints noticeable in all facets of Nigerian politics. Jagaban has raised some good administrators who are also doing well in politics today. The Abuja politicians are his political leverage and colleterals for 2023. BAT is a grassroot master strategist in “Jẹkínjẹ” (do-me-I-do-you) kind of politicking.

Last but not least, again, as reiterated in this writer’s various writings on the engulfed numerous crises in our nation, and based on BAT’s health, political agility, and ambulation in the impending campaigns, Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu should begin to reconsider his political adventure and aspiration. BAT should start to scout for an outstanding youth with impeccable characters and credentials to vie for President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. BAT should use his political wealth of experience to support and groom the youths. BAT should help the youths reclaim their future from oligarchs, Jagaban’s political contemporaries and elites in Nigeria.

Realistically, until Nigerian youths form a formidable group to wrestle power from their political elites, the youths will continue to be used as political pawns, conduits, or weapons to achieve an excessive political ambition by their tired but not retired and expended leaders.

Yahaya Balogun wrote from Arizona, USA.

PYO and BAT with tête-à-tête

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