Kaduna – Abuja Train Attacked By Bandits

Kaduna – Abuja Train Attacked By Bandits

Thursday, October 21, 2021 5:53 pm

The attacked train

Senator Shehu Sani, today, confirmed the attack of a train on the Kaduna Abuja r
He tweeted:
“Yesterday (Wednesday) terrorists attacked the Kaduna-Abuja railway with an explosive and opened fire on the train, targeting the engine driver and the tank.

“This (Thursday) morning, I was onboard when our train ran over another explosive damaging rail.”
– Senator Sheu Sanni
Also the management of the NIgeria Railway Corporation has suspended its services along the corridor.

Shehu Sani in inside one of the coaches

Below is the reaction off the Police to the attack.


A passenger train (LOCO 2701) from Idu train station to Rigasa on 20/10/21 came under attack by bandits at Km 140 at about 20:00hrs. The explosive devise on the track hit the train and was followed up with gun shots targeting to kill the driver and bring the loco to a halt.. But the driver braved the situation and managed the train to Km 148 where it finally stopped due to engine failure caused by the attack.

A relief loco was later sent from Idu to move the train to Rigasa which is about 40km from the scene of crime . They arrived Rigasa at about 23.30 hrs.

No life was lost but the engine and windscreen of the train were badly damaged. Arrangements are being made to return the affected loco to Idu for proper check and repairs.

Investigation has commenced to unravel the remote and immediate cause of the explosion/attack.

Below is the pictorial report.

DACs Abuja District

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