A whole ethnic group as criminals?

A whole ethnic group as criminals?

Sunday, August 1, 2021 1:00 pm

Remi Oyeyemi


By Remi Oyeyemi

Rwanda is going to happen the way things are going… Yes, Rwanda is going to happen. We could pretend all we want. We could vaunt as much righteous indignation as we want. We could be “holier-than-thou” as much as we want. We are on the brink of Rwanda. We could pray and fast in the Churches all we want. We could pray and do as much sadaka in the Mosques all we want. Rwanda is knocking at the door.

Ení to kan lo mo….

There is too much injustice. People could not continue to be murdered with the complicity of the Government. People could not continue to be kidnapped and government is protecting the kidnappers, calling them “businessmen.”

In fact, it is trite to say that “it is uncivilized to assume a whole group of people are criminals without evidence.” It is so platitudinous!

In my view what is uncivilized is to continue to support a Government that fosters this situation. It is indeed uncivilized to manufacture excuses for tyranny for partisan reasons. It is uncivilized, and in fact criminal to support a Government that encourages arson as in burning down the towns and villages of innocent citizens who do not belong to their ethnic group. It is uncivilized to pretend it is okay for daughters, mother’s, aunts and sisters to be raped without any consequences. It is uncivilized to rationalize these absurdities just to pretend and give noxious impression that we are “civilized.”

More so, what further evidence does one need, if the rest of the same ethnic group are silent in the face of commission of crimes against others? Are they not complicit? Why are they not speaking out and yelling against the criminalities being committed by members of their ethnic group against others? Why are they not fighting to bring the crimnals amongst them to justice? Why are they protect the criminals among them? Is it because they’re hoping to benefit from the crimes being committed by members of their ethnic group?

For these reasons and many more, why would one blame some for assuming members of a whole ethnic group are criminals? Just asking ni o…

*Remi Oyeyemi, journalist and public affairs analyst, writes from the US

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