VersionFlex is set to redefine e-hailing service in Nigeria and West Africa 

VersionFlex is set to redefine e-hailing service in Nigeria and West Africa 

Friday, June 18, 2021 2:50 pm


By Komolafe Esther
VersionFlex, a Nigerian indigenous company, is set to redefine online transportion and logistics service delivery, especially e-hailing in Nigeria and West Africa.
VersionFlex says it will consider the prevailing economic situations of Nigerians in both the availability and affordability of its products and services. The main drive and priority of the Start Up is geared towards mass employment and citizens empowerment.
According to Mr. Olusola Amosu, Spokesperson of the company that has its headquarters in Lagos and another branch in Ogun state, to start with, “We are redefining and repositioning the concept and usage of e-hailing to suit the UNIQUE Nigerian business environments. For too long, Nigerians, who are very mobile, have been taken for granted and have lost so much *resources and manpower/labour hours* to inadequacies of Transportation Services. We will strive to provide good rides, attractive incentives and quality services. Our niche is to make it affordable! It is going to be affordable, dependable and available.”
Amosu disclosed that VersionFlex is already partnering to make available a variety of vehicles according to increasing needs of every customer in social, political and economic cadre of the society, with attendant liberty to choose , the drivers are trained to be courteous and respectful.
In his words he said that VersionFlex has packaged some unique features and perquisites which include a sizeable discount on first-time users, optional savings plan and a zero percent commission for a reasonable period for drivers. ” enthused Amosu, a vastly trained logistics solution expert.


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    This is a very good way to start… Speaking out own language…wawu!

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