TB Joshua: I am tempted to speak out, but…

TB Joshua: I am tempted to speak out, but…

Wednesday, June 9, 2021 11:00 am


TB Joshua, DIES at 57l CAN, PFN will not mourn him

TB Joshua, DIES at 57l CAN, PFN will not mourn him

By Bola Adewara
This morning, I read a post on a wall, asking or lamenting why the church fathers, CAN and PFN did not say a word on the death on T B Joshua. I have since then been feeling tempted to do a report on
Why church fathers, CAN, PFN, etc would not speak.

My reports will be based on all that happened since 1995, when Kola Olawuyi (now late) fired the first salvo on TB Joshua on his Nkam Mbe television programme on NTA Channel 7 in Lagos Nigeria.

My reports could contain the various exposes of TB Joshua’s staff, the so many press interviews with him where he could not explain himself, his calling, where he is coming from, his ministerial mates and fathers who discipled him, the church he was trained, those who knew him in church as man and boy, basic Biblical truths, etc. All this confused the church leaders that time about his calling and genuineness.

Bola Adewara

Would you blame them? If you see a pastor, whose history you don’t know, he just came from the blues and started performing miracles, wearing black gown with red shas round his tummy, would you remain there?

I plan to report on the angle of Chris Okotie, Chris Oyakhilome, Ladi Thompson, comments of Church leaders like Tunde Bakare, Wale Oke, Ashimolowo, RCCG, Adefarasin, CAN, PFN, etc. The eye opening interview he had with old hands like Femi Akintunde Johnson, all the early videos on and by him, etc. In my library here, I have everything, neatly kept as far back as 1995.


The man, fake or original, is now dead and I don’t want to disrespect his family members and those who love and submit to him, in their moment of pain. As a Christian, I am trained to respect the feelings of others, no matter how urgent the case may be. I have no personal scores to settle with TB Joshua. E dey do im own, I dey my own. That is why I have to listen to the Holy Spirit, the owner of the job.

Moreover, I wish to speak to this young generation to always ask questions from their pastors and elders on what transpired in the past before they come on social media and start abusing people who venture comments on the saga. It’s good to ask questions than abuse people.

The matter of TB Joshua is an old issue that many of these old Church fathers cannot easily forget or gloss over. They saw the whole scenario happen and they chose to stay off him while alive and in death. They couldn’t have condemned him and his ministry while alive only to start hugging him in death. It will amount to inconsistency.

Moreover, if top church leaders like Adeboye, Oyedepo, Kumuyi, Abina, and churches like CAC, Fire on the Mountain, ECWA, Catholic, Anglican, Baptist, Methodist, mention them, CAN, PFN, etc would not say a word, don’t you think they know something many of you don’t know? If these are your church leaders for ages, why not give their judgements some respects rather than abusing them?

The saga of TB Joshua transpired right before my very eyes. I was involved as a journalist. Three of my friends worked ACTIVELY with him, so I am privy to a lot of information. But as I said, I will depend on the Holy Spirit for whatever I will do. Even then, I won’t say a word NOW to respect his family and followers.

Please, stop abusing the Church fathers. If you trust their leadership, trust their judgement.

Praise the Lord.

-Bola Adewara, journalist, publisher of E-Life magazine, minister of the gospel, motivational speaker and social entrepreneur, writes from Lagos

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  • Babatunde Solademi says:

    The single truth is that being original or fake only God can judge. If the Pharisees can challenge Jesus about doing miracle, no point in Joshua challenge case. The leader did not show good example by their behavior is the single truth. They preach love to the church and need to show example. If he is fake or original, he has done it part and go. Many people benefit from him. Jesus say love your enemies and pray for them. Again the Bible as ask us to judge not so that you wouldn’t be judge. I want us to know that Jesus said that he didn’t come because of the righteous but because of the sinner. It would please God for us to win a soul of sinner than to condem sinner. God know the best,

  • Gboye says:

    Is it by force to know who tutored him?
    WHO TUTORED ELIJAH… Bible did not record who mentored Elijah, Bible said “Elijah the tishbite” didn’t even mention his father’s name…

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