Sen. Tinubu: ‘I’m angry about a lot of issues’

Sen. Tinubu: ‘I’m angry about a lot of issues’

Saturday, May 29, 2021 4:41 pm

Remi Tinubu

Senator Oluremi Tinubu

Mrs Remi Tinubu, the senator representing Lagos Central Senatorial District ha said like other Nigerians she is also angry about a lot of issues in the country.

Senator Tinubu spoke when explaining the circumstances that led to her ‘shouting match’ with a lady at the venue of public hearing on review of the Nigerian Constitution organised by the National Assembly in Lagos last Wednesday.

The Lagos Central Senator had reportedly called the lady who was trying to gain entrance into the venue of the event a thug.

Speaking on  Your View, a television programme on TVC on Friday, the Senator explained that contrary to the video making the rounds on the social media, she did not call the lady a thug.

She said she asked if she were a thug?

When asked by presenters of the programme if the reaction of the lady was motivated by anger, Tinubu said most Nigerians, including her, are angry about one thing or other.

“Who says I am not angry. I am only keeping my anger. Are you not angry about things? Everybody has to control their anger.

“Who is not angry? I am angry about a lot of issues. You were talking to me about a bill I have been trying to get through since about nine years ago and it is still alive, but I am waiting for the right time,” she said.

While further explaining the circumstances that led to the face off, Senator Tinubu said though she was the chairman of the hearing and Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu was already seated, she had to break protocol upon the pounding of the door to the hall where guests were already seated.

“I came out and saw another senator from Oyo State and he said these are senators (House members) from Oyo State House of Assembly. I said that the hall is full and that if the governor leaves we would possibly have room.

“Then I saw a leading screaming and another one, young people, and started speaking very rudely. Then I saw the woman, I said let’s move away so I can talk to you, but she kept shouting and kept referring to how she did me a favour when I think maybe during the Dino incident that she marched for me.

“Then I said that doesn’t mean that if you marched for me and if you did something wrong, I shouldn’t be able to tell you so, so I said please move away from the door.

“Then I said to the lady, let me see you out there, but she kept screaming and screaming, then I said why are you acting like a thug? I thought this was a woman I could talk to and they changed it to say I called her a thug.

“If you don’t know people, don’t just talk about them, try to know people before you talk about them.

“I asked her a question, I only expected her to say, ma, I am not a thug! It was a conversation. Are you, then you will say I am not. I talk to my staff like that, let me know where we are,” Senator Remi Tinubu said.

“To be honest, I want to say, just give us a minute then I can come and get you, that was my intention then she went out of her way.”

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