Gospel music minister, songwriter, Mercy Oseghale, returns with “Not A Man” 

Gospel music minister, songwriter, Mercy Oseghale, returns with “Not A Man” 

Tuesday, May 11, 2021 12:08 pm

Mercy Oseghale


By Daniels Ekugo
About seven months after she released the inspiring, soul-lifting single titled Idinma, celebrated Nigerian gospel music minister and songwriter, Mercy Oseghale, has released another single, titled “Not A Man”.
The single “Not A Man” is a song of consolidation and aims to encourage everyone no matter what you are going through, that “God is not a man, He will take care of your issues  once you believe  through our Lord Jesus Christ.”
“Not A Man” is a follow up single to “Idinma” released in August 2020, and the full 10 tracks album, produced by a South African based producer, Sammy Ibeh, will be ready before the end of the year, according to Oseghale who hails from Igbodo in Ika North East Local Govt Area of Delta State.
In an interview, Oseghale said ‘Not A Man’ is an affirmation of the goodness of God.
She described herself as a pastor and music minister, adfing that she has a new slogan, which is ‘Promoting Jesus through musuc’.
“Basically, everything we do in the music ministry is to promote Jesus. The popular slogan with me is ‘If Jesus is not lifted up, count me out”. And that has really helped me in the kind of lyrics I write. My personal dealing with God is in the kind of lyrics I write. If you look at’ Idinma’, it is the story of creation, how everything was void, and God spoke and everything became normal.
“My latest sinvle, ‘Not A Man, is an affirmation of the goodness of God that even when things look kike they are going upsidedown, especially in this nation where there is so much security problem, if we look up to God, I am sure our heart will not be afraid.”
‘Not A Man’, she further statef, is a song of consolidation to tell you that “even when everything around you fails, so long as He that is sitted on the throne whose name is Jehovah is still there, you are safe. ‘Not A Man’ was drawn from the scripture, in Numbers, that says, God is not a man that he should lie, neither the son of man that He should repent. Has he spoken it? Will he not bring it to pass? So, when you look at that word, and the lyrics of the song says, ‘His words are yea and amen.’ What it means is that He is the beginning; He is the end. You know, He is the owner of yesterday, the owner of today, the owner of tomorrow. There is nothing in between Him. When He starts, He starts; when He ends,He ends Nobody can question Him.
“So, ‘Not A Man’ is an affirmation of the nature of God, because man can fail; your husband can fail; your wife can fail; your children can fail; your president can fail. In fact, nations can fail. But God consistently had been faithful. All the time we are the ones that are not faithful. But God is faithful. So, the song, ‘Not A Man’ is to let you know that no matter what you go through, God cannot fail, and because He cannot fail, He does not lie. If He says it, He will do it. The beginning of the song says, ‘How can He fail when He is God”.
“Each time I sing it to myself, it gives me boldness to say that tomorrow something beautiful will come out, that tomorrow is great, especially now in this nation with all of the insecurity. If you notice in the music scene, dimensions are changing; people are getting more committed to God. It’s not business as usual. Only those who will make impact are those who seek Him. So, the music ministry is not just entertainment, we are not entertainers.
We don’t do shows, we do ministration, because what we do is to minister life. Our songs are about Jesus. We are not gratifying ourselves; it’s about Jesus. So, for us who gospel music ministers, we don’t do shows, we do ministration, because our songs bring healing, deliverance and salvation.”
On her expectations on the single, she said: “‘Not A Man’ was released in the first week of April, and we have done a video, which is ready. The video is on all the major television stations, and it is also online. It is on YouTube and other platforms.
“Basically, we trust God to use that song to encourage people, especially as we are all coming out of the pandemic, and people are losing jobs, people’s heart are failing, a lot of things happening. The song says that God is not a man. What He says He will do. What He promise must surely come to pass.”
” I have a slogan that says, Person we e get God for heaven e no dey suffer for earth. When you have a father upstairs, when you remember you have a God, you will know that no matter how it is, there must be a way. The asic thing is that we need to put our heart in God, we need to trust God so that God fights our battle. When God fights our battle then you remember that He is not a man, and He will help you through,” she added.
Oseghale started her singing ministry at the age of 17 with the Soul Harvesters choir of Church of God Mission Upper Mission Branch Benin City and there she discovered the gift of God upon her life in music.
She has worked with notable producers like Cobhams Asuquo, Rotimi Akinfeniwa, FLO, Sammy Ibeh, Shiloh Godson

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