Let us tell our communities the truth, Osinbajo tells political class

Let us tell our communities the truth, Osinbajo tells political class

Thursday, April 29, 2021 12:49 am


V.P Yemi Osinbajo

*VP adds: “…every conflict is a result of elite failure to speak up

Nigeria cannot afford a war and elites in the country should rise up, speak the truth against forces of division in order to preserve the unity of the country.

Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, SAN, stated this Tuesday evening in Abuja while speaking with All Progressives Congress (APC) leaders from the South-East, particularly chieftains and members from Anambra State.

According to Prof. Osinbajo, “we cannot afford a war in this country…it is the political elite that will determine what will take place. If we keep quiet, if we say nothing and hope that things will just normalize, we may be wrong. And we may find ourselves heading for something much worse than we are seeing today.”

His words: “if the political elite does not speak up, if we don’t see anything wrong in what is going on, if we allow it to continue to slide, we will endanger ourselves and endanger the future of our country.

The VP noted that “I know that every conflict is a result of elite failure, the elite failure to speak up and tell the truth to their communities, that’s the cause of every one of these civil conflicts.

“So, I would urge that we speak up. I would urge that we stand for something. Sometimes it’s dangerous to stand for something. But the greater danger of course, is to keep quiet.”

Continuing, Prof. Osinbajo cautioned that “the thing about the kinds of conflicts in these parts of the world is that it is usually a war without end. Everyone who thinks that they have some money stored up somewhere is wrong, you will eventually run out.

Recalling a personal experience he observed in Somalia in the 90s when he went there to work with the United Nations, the VP said he saw a Supreme Court Justice whom he had known before queuing up for food in the aftermath of civil conflicts in the country.

“Everyone who thinks they can go and hide somewhere, you won’t even find a place. In the end, everyone will suffer. Parents, children, young people, old people, will suffer.”

Speaking about the forthcoming primaries for the governorship election in Anambra State, the Vice President said a fair process or fairness of justice will be fundamental in ensuring victory for the party at the polls.

Prof. Osinbajo further noted that “to be fair and just is not the responsibility for spirits, it is the responsibility for men and women of our party, especially the leadership.”

Party chieftains present at the meeting included former Senate President, Mr Ken Nnamani; Minister of State for Mines & Steel Development, Mr Uche Ogah, Minister of State for Labour & Productivity, other party leaders and members from the South-East, and the Special Adviser to the President on Political Matters, Senator Babafemi Ojudu, among others.

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  • Abayomi Bada says:

    This is a crucial and critical period in the life of Nigerians. The destruction visited on Nigeria and Nigerians over the past fifty years and more has been excruciating. We have almost lost steam but let just suggest as follows. The Nation must go complete “low profile “ that is , salary of all political office holders must be reduced by half and same with allowances , housing, vehicle, feeding and more . The brand of official vehicles 🚗 must be moderated largely to double cabin pick-ups but well armoured if need be . Houses for most officers must not be beyond 3-bedroom apartment, the luxury is uncalled for , it wets people’s appetite for wastes . This is for the government service , but the private sector must find a way to queue into this . Principally, agribusiness must be redefined as the main focus with a twenty-five year development plan for government and private sectors, wherein at least 60% employment can be guaranteed. In a nutshell emphasis must be practical approach to our collective survival. Every member of the society must be registered and operate with a National number. All other forms of registration must be strictly adhered to . All dams must be revisited to ensure proper usage and designs remodified or remodelled if need be . The census must be conducted and proper population control should be put in place. Thanks for now.

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