Photo/Philosophy: Jakande and Life’s Lessons

Photo/Philosophy: Jakande and Life’s Lessons

Sunday, February 14, 2021 10:00 am

Alhaji Lateef Jakande

By Eruobodo Eruobodo
Here is a picture of Baba Lateef Jakande, taking his breakfast of Ogi and Moinmoin, while he was alive. I hope you are looking at this picture with understanding? If not, let me enlighten you!
My two parents are in their 90s, and both still self-feed as Baba Jakande did here in his picture. Though similarly (and understandably too) frail looking, their motor coordination and mental muscles are still very much intact! Thus I qualify to speak from experiences gained through them.
1). As you live your life, remember that irrespective of how much you steal and the satanic wealth you amass, if God allows you, you shall get to this stage of complete dependence on others, like a baby.
2). Whether you eat out of a 27 carat gold plated China, or ordinary stainless steel bowls as Baba Jakande did here, you shall still eat the same; Pap and Moinmoin, Amala and fish, beans and Agidi (Ęko), Yam and vegetables, as the case may be?
No matter how wealthy you are, you will not be able to feast at old age: simple and body friendly meals shall be your mantra, that is, if you want to stay healthy!
3). Look at the table Baba Jakande eta on? Look at the bowls he eta from? Look at the simple flooring of his residence? Look at the simplicity of the wall behind him?
While the man that exponentially transformed Lagos, in mere four years, lived so frugally, you, a mere political appointee, a civil servant, a public office holder, etc, is amassing stolen money, so you can buy properties that shall eventually be useless and haunt your old age?
A famous Ibadan Chief was more than a decade younger than Baba Jakande when he fell terminally ill, and reportedly asked his children to come and take over his properties all over the world. They declined, saying they all have theirs, and he was at liberty to give out his properties. When he extended the offer to his extended family members, non showed interest. Allegedly suspecting it was a bait to swap their lives for his. Today, even his mansion in Ibadan lies desolate?
Some of us, in our lust for material things, have allowed ourselves to be taken over by satanic greed. Forgetting that the longest/loneliest time we shall spend here, are these latter years, when those things become unimportant?
May we learn to think deeply about our decisions and actions? Life is a lot simpler than many are deceived to think it is.
Rest on Baba Jakande!

Thank you for the tens of millions of lives you transformed!

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