Foundation rolls out new package against albinism

Foundation rolls out new package against albinism

Thursday, February 4, 2021 1:51 pm

Sussygold, Founder White Angels Foundation

Sussygold, Founder White Angels Foundation

Richard Elesho/ Lokoja

White Angels Foundation, WAF a non Governmental and non profit making organization devoted to the wellness of people born with albinism has announced a new charity bouquet.

Tagged PUSH BOUNTY, the initiative aims at reassuring new born albinos of limitless opportunities in a world of love and peace and to see younger generation of Children with albinism live a life of warmth, acceptance and purpose.

These were disclosed by Nzelu Sussygold Ugochi, Founder, WAF, in a statement on Thursday.

“We understand the fear and uncertainty that comes with birthing a child with Albinism in Nigeria and Africa at large. The stares and taunts, the lack of knowledge to groom such child. Not anymore!

“Push bounty is an appreciation pack to new mothers of children with Albinism and their new borns. It comprises of a love letter to the new born, appreciation letter to our superheroes’ mums, a copy of teach it!

“For necessary information about Albinism, a helpline number to reach us for clarification or new happenings about your child, a customized gift for mother and child each and a set of trusted skin care product for our new born. (We are not taking chances, we want our children healthy and flawless) all in the bid to say Well done mama! Welcome Child!

Speaking further on her inspiration for the services, Sussygold who is also an albino with spotless skin said “I am totally in love with my no melanin skin, every other opinion doesn’t count. I own and accept all of me.

“I want to be a part of their (younger people with albinism) life to love, lead and direct! I want to celebrate their existence and share with them every knowledge needed to live a healthy and productive life as a child with Albinism

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