US Poll: Trump’s behaviour, a boost to tyranny – Shehu Sani

US Poll: Trump’s behaviour, a boost to tyranny – Shehu Sani

Monday, November 16, 2020 7:22 am

US President Donald Trump

Richard Elesho
The continuous refusal to concede defeat by United States President Donald Trump, poses a threat to the survival of democracy in other parts of the world. This is the position of Nigeiam social activist, Senator Shehu Sani.

Sani, a former member of the National Assembly from Kaduna State took to his verified Twitter account on Sunday to express the view. He said apart from lowering the global perception of the USA. as the flagship of democracy, Trump’s behaviour can increase tyranny in other parts of the world like Africa and Asia.

He wrote:

“The behavior of its leader not just threaten the moral standard of that country but gives tyrants in Africa and other parts of the World a justification to suffocate democracy.”

He furher expressed concern that such anomaly could happen to the United States of America’s democracy that ought to have been a big lesson to lesser nations.

“The events in America is of concern to us.”

The US Presidential election which held early November was won in a landslide by former Vice President Joe Biden of the Democratic Party. He had won the popular vote by a wide margin running into several millions. He also won the Electoral College votes by more than 70 votes after winning in critical states like Georgia and Pennsylvania making Trump a major casualty of the victory.

The President claimed the election was rigged and in a manner typical of a power monger, he threatened legal action. However, all efforts to reverse Biden’s victory through the judiciary has thus failed, due to his gross inability to provide proofs of his claim.

In the meantime, Biden has assumed the roles and title of President-elect. A new President is due for inauguration on January 20th.

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  • Dave Penny says:

    As a foreigner watching with horror the antics of the deranged madman in the White House I cannot believe that the great American people would sit back and watch the rise of a dictatorship in what was the world’s greatest democracy. The world view of the US is so tarnished by the behaviour of one man and his insane acolytes and he himself is an object of derision. Wake up America and do what you did eighty years ago and overthrow a dictator this time in your own back yard.

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