Alpha Beta Management Hits Dapo Apara

Alpha Beta Management Hits Dapo Apara

Monday, October 12, 2020 5:27 pm


Dapo Apara

The management of Alpha Beta Consulting has reacted to what it called the concocted claims of Dapo Apara, a former Managing Director against the company, saying “it is obvious that he just wants to whip up sentiments to cover up the charges of fraud, incompetence and unethical practices against him when he served as the Managing Director.”

In a statement, the management wrote:

“The truth of the matter is that Apara was removed as the MD of our company because he used his position to fraudulently siphon huge sums of money from the company. He engaged in a lot of sharp practices and got his hands soiled in financial impropriety, mismanagement and gross abuse of office.

For the period that he was in charge of the affairs of the company, Apara annually defrauded AlphaBeta Consulting of US$3.5 million throughout his years of managing the company as he collected the sum of US$3.2 million per annum for cloud services as against the US$135,000 that it actually costs.

He also inflated the cost of tax cards to the tune of US$18 million, just as he diverted N6 billion (Six Billion Naira) from ABC’s bank account into his personal company, Infiniti Enterprises.

Not only these, Apara fraudulently incorporated Infiniti Enterprises (his personal company) into the payroll of AlphaBeta Consulting when he was the MD.

He equally paid the sum of N12.5 million into Otunba Akin Doherty’s bank account on 14th June, 2018, to blackmail him and evade justice when his fraudulent activities came to the open.

He has been running from pillar to post and cooking up sentiments, but our simple appeal to him is to come back home to answer to these charges. He should be man enough to come and defend his allegations rather than just throwing weak missiles at the company that made him.

If, indeed, AlphaBeta Consulting LLP is guiltily of any impropriety, then, it is Dapo Apara that is due to be in police net because all what he claimed the company committed were done under his watch as MD.

The general public is hereby advised to disregard the crocodile tears of this pretender who abused the trust we placed in with reckless abandon and almost ran our company aground. He was praising ABC to high heavens when he was milking the company and only turned to an enemy because we took the bold decision to remove him when we discovered that he was not the honest professional that we taught him to be.



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