Have We Shamed Coronavirus?

Have We Shamed Coronavirus?

Tuesday, August 18, 2020 1:07 pm

Emeka Oparah

By Emeka Oparah

As has been the case in over a fortnight or so, the number of coronavirus infections and deaths have been tanking, thankfully. The consistent flattening of and gradual decline in the curve can be attributable (not-so-easily) to many factors.

One, the virus has voluntarily taken to its heels from Nigeria, petrified by our legendary spiritual powers sourced from the churches, mosques and native doctors.

Two, being naturally very resilient and aggressive, Nigerians have shown the virus pepper and also shown it the door-by hook or by crook.

Three, and this is more realistic, the combined effort of the NCDC, Health workers and the Presidential Task Force as well as the behavior of the Nigerian have combined effectively to result in the reported reduction.

Four, there’s also the little matter of our genetic superiority to, say Americans and Europeans, resulting in our peculiar immunity which has eventually rendered the virus almost impotent and now in recession.

Fifth, and this had better not be so, we are now under-testing and under-reporting the infection and death rates.

The sixth point is that our life expectancy is “thankfully” low and so we have a younger population than the Western world who, with a better healthcare system but many more old people, are more susceptible to the insidiousness and morbidity of the virus.

Whichever one is the case, the virus doesn’t seem to be wrecking as much havoc as initially feared, and we ought to be truly thankful to God for this. The massive turnout at funerals, recently, and the obvious disregard for masks and physical/social distancing are still causes for great concern.

Truth be told, our healthcare system is not robust and resilient enough to handle what the UK and UK, for example, have been dealing with since February. The Nigerian economy isn’t looking good at all. Also, Nigerians have sadly handled the virus with levity and mostly observed the safety guidelines in the breach, as stated elsewhere.

So, how came it we are not seeing dead bodies littered all over the streets of Lagos, the epicenter, and other careless cities and towns, is some sort of a wonder. And it had better remained so. It seems, ladies and gentlemen, our well-founded fears have been allayed or God is simply a Nigerian. Or what?

Perhaps, it’s too early to celebrate. So, let’s proceed with extreme caution. Let’s continue to do the right things. As for me and my family, we will continue to observe physical distancing, wash our hands regularly with soap and water, avoid large gatherings and wear a mask whenever we must leave home-UNTIL A CURE OR VACCINE IS FOUND!!!

– Oparah is a communications expert
-Credit: Yes International

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