Southern Kaduna killings: Kaigama supports CAN on self defence

Southern Kaduna killings: Kaigama supports CAN on self defence

Friday, July 31, 2020 8:44 pm


The Catholic Archbishop of Abuja Most Rev. Ignatius Kaigama has declared support for the stand of Christian Association of Nigeria that the people of Southern Kaduna should embark on self defence if the government failed to stop killings in the area.

The Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, has recently warned that the predominantly Christian people of Southern Kaduna may result to self defence if the carnage in the area continue.

Answering questions on incessant killings in Southern Kaduna and if he would support CAN’s position of self-defence, Kaigama, told journalists at an Interactive Session in Abuja on Friday that self-defence was in line with Catholic theology.

According to him, one who is attacked by an aggressor has a right to defend himself or herself.

“We are not supporting any killing but people could defend themselves if an aggressor to wants to kill the person.’’

He, however, said nothing would justify killing because it is against the command of God, expressing dissatisfaction over the high level of killing in the country.

“Killing human beings is criminal and it is a grievous sin. It is totally ungodly and it so sad the way we kill in this country, it does not portray the country in good light.

“I am sad that the killings have not stopped and I am not sure that enough is being done at all levels to bring these killings to a comprehensive stop,’’ the Archbishop said.

Kaigama also said the Church’s offer of its 425 health facilities to the Federal Government to support efforts to fight the COVID-19 pandemic is still valid.

The Archbishop said some representatives of Catholic Bishop Conference of Nigeria (CBCN), recently had an online meeting with the Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo, to get an update on the offer.

Mr Boss Mustapha, Chairman of Presidential Task Force on COVID-19, who is also the Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF), had in May announced CBCN’s offer at the Presidential Task Force on COVID-19 briefing.

The offer was a response to the Federal Government’s concern over the unavailability of adequate bed spaces to accommodate all COVID-19 patients in the country.

Kaigama told the journalists that the Bishops had a Zoom conference with Osinbajo four days ago, where they reminded the government that the offer was to minimise the problem of health care during this pandemic.

“We made it clear that they could equip the facilities, train our personnel so that they will be attentive to the need of people suffering from COVID-19.

“I want to say that the offer is still valid but I am not sure there is good use being made of our facilities that we have offered.

“They even identified a few facilities in Abuja, Kaduna and somewhere else, they said they were going to collaborate with us but so far, not much has happened,’’ he said.

Reacting to the state of education system, Kaigama suggested that a state of emergency be declared on the education sector.

“Certainly, that is what I am asking for.

“There has to be total overhauling of the educational system.

“We must give serious consideration to future of our young ones and we cannot emphasise any better that the government should consider education as fundamental to progress, to alleviating all social problems.

“Without good education that is holistic and that can shape the mind to be positive and to contribute selflessly to the good of society, we will have a wide population of young people who have no values.

“There should be drastic revolution and fundamental overhauling of the educational system in the country.’’

Similarly, the Archbishop called for reforms in anti-corruption agencies, especially EFCC and ICPC, to enable them perform optimally.

“We must find a way of addressing corruption; if these institutions are not serving Nigerians well, there should be a change if they are not fulfilling their mandate.

“The bodies should do their work with every objectivity and integrity. They should close their eyes and watch out for criminals in the society.

“They should follow anybody in respective of party, tribe or religion. If they are doing this, nobody will have any issue with the bodies.

“They need to be objective, sincere and they need to be God fearing; anyone employed to work in this organisations should fear God,’’ he said.

Kaigama, who recently celebrated his 39th anniversary as a Catholic Priest, said that his most memorable day on earth was the day he became a Catholic Priest.

“It is the highest moment  in my life,’’ he said. NAN)

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  • Abayomi Bada says:

    The Southern Kaduna killings dates back to the Zango/Kataf days . The main causes of differences, attacks and counter attacks are closely related to ascentstral
    claims to land , illegal harvesting of farm products, rustling of cattle , illegal marriages across supposedly opposite tribal or ethnic groups over long time. Let me dwell more on solutions rather than emphasising suggestions that failed us overtime.
    Firstly , let us identify those major tribal/ethnic groups. Hold extensive discussions with them, seek to discover causes of major differences. Such enquiries should tend to identify possible solutions by the local people, but they must be educated to allow cohabitation , ensure unity with other groups meaning concessions and understanding of each other.
    Secondly, members from various groups should be enlisted into farmers cooperative bodies. They should be supported heavily with government acquired and demarcated farm lands , improved seedlings, fertiliser, provision of trained agricultural extension officers , make available proper irrigation systems, some storage and preservation systems and also ensure provision of good roads to the farms to enhance transportation of farm products from farms to the towns and cities . Surely, when people are engaged and regular earnings are in place, there will surely be less frictions and peace will reign .
    Thirdly, with raw materials in place, processing factories and industries should now be established in these areas that would also employ available hands in this vicinity. The level of restiveness would surely decline. Let us know that prices of food items remain high because the farming level is very low.
    Fourthly, various governments must allocate more money to grow agriculture to create employment in various categories.
    My final conclusion is that investment in the agricultural sector must be largely increased and improved upon . Good food would definitely enhance a high productive health and capacity.

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