Revealed: Ituah Ighodalo’s Conversation With God

Revealed: Ituah Ighodalo’s Conversation With God

Friday, June 19, 2020 11:06 pm

Pastor Ituah Ighodalo, right, and his late wife, Ibidun

 By Rupert Ojenuwa

This conversation began some 14 years ago- if my memory serves me well.  At this time, Pstor Ituah Ighodalo, a funky, upwardly, intellectually sound and a humanitarian man per excellence was a Pastor in the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Christ Church.

To better understand this conversation, one may need to add that at that point of his life, Ituah was seriously considering settling down. He needed to avoid the many distractions brought by several willing women who wanted a ‘notice –me’ glance and also wanted to settle down with the handsome pastor. In the language of Nigeria Christianity, they wanted to become “Mummy Pastor,” but Ituah wanted to be guided by God and not by what anyone wanted. So, he went to God in prayer.

Ituah: Dear heavenly father. Let me thank you for the gift of life and the success you have given me so far both in ministry and in my secular life. In fact, I need to spend the next three hours of my life praising you for such a success you have made of me…God cuts in…

Pastors Ituah Ighodalo and Rupert Ojenuwa (right) at the service of songs for Ibidun on Friday, 19 June, 2020

God: Ituah my son, it’s okay to praise me. I very well know you to be one who is eternally grateful but there is a part of me you forgot..

Ituah: So sorry Lord, I don’t know why I would be so foolish as to forget a crucial part of you at this moment. Would you please tell me?

God: Ituah, I search the hearts. The sacrifice of praise you are about to give me looks more like a bribe to me. You have a request to make.

Ituah: Ha! Daddy, how did you kn….Oh sorry I know you know but I also want to praise you.

God: Put the praise till later, talk to me my son. I know what you want to ask me but my word says you have to ask before you are given. So go ahead and ask…

Ituah: Thank you Sir. I have been very worried about the fact that I remain unmarried. There are many ladies who look appealing and some even act as though they are your will for me. I am getting confused.

God: My dear, there is no need for confusion. Those women you are talking about are made by me but what do you want in a life partner. Be honest…

Ituah: Thank you Daddy. I am so grateful that you are giving me same opportunity you gave Solomon. Now that the lid is open, let me ask. I need a wife who fears you, who loves and adores you, one who will love me silly and whose beauty is impeccable and who has a sense of purpose in such a way as to amplify my purpose in life.

God: Hmmmh. Ituah your list seem to be long but I shall ask you one question. Which of the qualities can you not do without…?

Ituah: Hmmh. You mean if I am allowed to pick only one quality which would I go for?

God: Yes, son.

Ituah: Then allow me go for purpose. I love you Sir and I love all your children. I want a woman who has a similar drive. One who loves you and love humanity. One who can bring the best out of me. I do not want anyone who will reduce the love I have for God or for humans. I want to remain a humanitarian pastor who desires to make each person I meet better than I met them. Please give me a woman like that.

God: I am so impressed my son. I’ll give you that and all the qualities you asked me before. In fact that woman is already in your life.

Ituah: Really? Silly me. I should have known it is Sister Dorcas. She is such a God fearing woman but…

God: There you go again. I know why you are butting. You think Dorcas dresses too conventional, like the people you refer to as spirikoko.

Ituah: Yes sir, but she is beautiful and I’ll go for her if that’s your will.

God: Cuts in…No my son. Dorcas is ok but the one who matches your last quality isn’t her. She is a rare breed. She is Ibidun Ajayi.

Ituah: Wow. Wow!! Wow!!! Sweet Jesus. How I love you Lord. I just didn’t mention her name because she was a beauty queen. I didn’t know how you would feel if I told you I was already in love with her and I wasn’t sure she would be a ministry person and purpose driven.

God: I am happy that you are happy but remember she is rare. She is my angel. I love her so much and I would want you to bring out the best in her.

14 years later. Sunday June 14th 2020

Ituah: My dear heavenly father. I got a call that shattered me. My wife is gone. Ibidun is gone. Oh my God. What do I do?

God: My son, I know you have trained yourself not to ask why but I’ll tell you all the same. I take the righteous away from the evil to come (Is. 57:1).

Ituah, don’t forget Ibidun is mine. I gave her to you on loan. You wanted a woman of purpose who can help you and who will also be humanitarian. I did. I gave you Ibidun. Just look around you, check the media space and see many people who a 39- year old has impacted. When she decided what she wanted on her 40th , she could have asked you for more cars, houses, jewelry and a vacation but she wanted to praise me, to make 40 couples happy and to impact her world. She made money so she could spend it on the less privileged.

My son, it is not in the length of life, it is in the impact that that life makes. Ibidun lived an impactful life and she loved you my son. She loved you sincerely and deeply but there is a secret I must share with you. She loved me more. Do you know why I didn’t notify you about her passing before hand? It is because I know you would pray and ask me to keep her with you but I need my angel with me and will not want anything that will cost her eternity with me, so, I took her but I must commend you for loving her deeply too and helping to bring the best of her to the fore.

Ituah: Ha, How do I cope now?

God: My son, I am with you till the end. I love you and I will keep you for my strength is made perfect in your weakness. I bless you my son. Let your heart be strong.

(This conversation is only a tribute to Ibidun Ighodalo and a special message from Rupert Ojenuwa to Pst Ituah Ighodalo)



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