Covid-19: Kogi Doctors decry poor welfare package

Covid-19: Kogi Doctors decry poor welfare package

Friday, June 19, 2020 8:21 pm

Governor Bello of Kogi State

Richard Elesho/ Lokoja

Doctors attached to Kogi State owned health institutions are among the least paid in the country. This was made known in a statement by Dr. Emmanuel Kelvin, President, Association of Resident Doctors, ARD, Kogi State Specialist Hospital, KSSH, Lokoja.

According to Kelvin, the least salary of medical doctors in the state is N158,000 instead of N300,000, adding ”we are humans too, be fair to us”. We deserv more than that.”

Kelvin said the poor working condition demoralises the Doctors and affects their productivity. “Doctors in KSSH Lokoja have just been getting along on half (50%) salary, occasioned by the non implementation of corrected CONMESS (Consolidated Medical Salary Structure), the new minimum wage and it’s consequential adjustment, skipping, relativity, promotion and annual step increment.

”In Kogi State as at now, all health care workers are being skipped a grade level (CONHESS 10 which is the direct equivalent of CONMESS 2), the only exception are our members in KSSH Lokoja; this is highly unjust.”

”Hence, the average doctor working at KSSH Lokoja and by extention the Kogi State Civil Service is already at a serious financial disadvantage, compared to their counterparts working with the Federal Civil Service or other states of the federation where these salary adjustments have been implemented.

”The direct implication is the exodus of doctors from the KSSH and the civil service at large. It is more painful to note that, those of us who have shown patriotism and stayed behind are highly unappreciated.

”It was clear that in April and May 2020 when we were actively working in the midst of COVID-19 pandemic, a large percentage of the state civil servants were at home resting.

”During war, the security sector is prioritized; during famine, the agricultural sector is prioritized, it then baffles us why we were not been prioritized in the midst of a pandemic as being done across to globe!

”While we are not unaware of the economic impact of the covid-19 pandemic, it is our belief that the health sector deserves utmost attention at this time,” Kelvin stated.

”As at today, 10 doctors have lost their lives to Covid-19 nation wide; this is so pathetic. We do not want to be taken by surprise.

”Hence, we call on the state government to ensure a sustained supply of personal protective equipments (PPE) to KSSH Lokoja to ensure the protection of our members. We also call on the state government to speedily ensure that life insurance policy is made available for healthcare workers across the state.

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