Why everyone is calling for Brymo’s head

Why everyone is calling for Brymo’s head

Tuesday, June 2, 2020 8:49 am

Popular Music Artist, Brymo under fire because of tweet

By Nehru Odeh:

He is an artiste everyone loves to hate. And the circumstances of his birth already made him controversial. Born to a carpenter father and a petty trader he has risen to become one of the biggest artistes in Nigeria today. Still he has not been able to wean himself out of controversy.  .

Yet good music runs in his veins. The singer, who was inspired to be a musician by listening to his mother sing, once gained admission into Lagos State University to study zoology, but left in his second year to pursue a career in music. He signed on to Chocolate City in 2012 but pulled out in 2013 in controversial circumstances. Since then he has moved from one controversy to the other

This time around, the Okokomaiko-born singer, and author, Olawale  Oloforo, aka Brymo, has set Twitter on fire. He is currently trending and many are calling for his head over a tweet. Many are also rising to his defense too.

On 1 June, 2020 he tweeted:  “Is rapist a new word for anyone doing something of note these days?”

No sooner had he posted that tweet than it generated a backlash on Twitter.  Perhaps his tweet is a reaction to the fact that a lady allegedly once accused him of rape.

However many are calling for Brymo’s head because they believe his tweet is insensitive in a time like this, a time when people are still trying to come to terms with the rape and gruesome murder of Vera Uwaila Omozuwa, a 22 year old  100 level student o Microbiology at the University of Benin who was gangraped and brutally murdered in a church in Benin;City.

Here are some of the tweets:



Instead of checking google for meaning of ‘SOMETHING OF NOTE’ everyone went crazy & started calling Brymo names. Small time they will say. Buhari doesn’t have WAEC result. Meanwhile. Y’all have alot of degrees but the brain is not there.

The Sopranos


Brymo asked a fucking Question and Twitter NG is already on his neck. Is it that we don’t know what a Question is???

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Oláwálé Ọlọ́fọọ̀rọ̀


Is Rapist a new word for anyone doing something of note these days ??



Brymo : “you are mad” His fans : Hmmm so Deep! Brymo meant the pillars of modern physics of philosophy science has general formular of mass–energy equivalence formula E = mc2 only meant first class high IQ people of the klitoris universe to understand.

Neymar PR


You need a certain level of IQ to understand Brymo’s tweets tho.

Pastor Ola


The reason they are dragging brymo is because his tweet is insensitive at a time like this. Get off your high horse with your “you need high IQ to listen to his music “ and “ Nigerians don’t understand English “ takes.

Marvin the Paranoid Android


What we see What Brymo sees



Brymo can fokoff. I’m so disappointed.

Neymar PR


Just to clarify what Brymo means here. He means if you keep quiet, then you are guilty of the crime you are accused of i.e rape in his case. He’s only putting it this way so you guys can take it out of context and drag him so he gets publicity. Such a terrible human being.

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Ọláwálé Ọlọ́fọọ̀rọ̀


Always… silence always is consent… twitter.com/teemilewin93/s…



Brymo has a word for all his haters…




A single Google search would have saved most of you from tweeting like clowns. He’s just trying to say the word has been too popular recently.

All you dragons and dragers,  continue dragging Brymo…he clearly knows what he is doing, this is exactly what he expected from you




Replying to


I understand why most of you are angry. If the situation of things wasn’t this tensed at the moment, we’ll probably not make a mountain out of this mole hill. I will always be against all acts of rape or sexual harassment.

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