Ease of lockdown: Rambunctious Lagos comes alive again!

Ease of lockdown: Rambunctious Lagos comes alive again!

Monday, May 4, 2020 2:25 pm


Many banks were besieged by people today

Akin Kuponiyi


Today, 4 May, 2020, first day of the ease of lockdown, traffic situation has been very chaotic and complex in Lagos. Before the lockdown, sometimes in February the state governmebt banned the total use of Okada (commercial motor cycle) riders and Keke Marwa as means of transportation. The law applies fully in some local governments, while it is still partial in many others.

This morning, Okada riders were still plying inner roads. As a result of the total ban in other routes, commuters were seen trekking long distances. Everyone wore face masks of different shapes and sizes.

At Ojuelegba, it was a hell for drivers to maintain social distancing in busses. The eight -passenger busses were packed full as the extra commuters who struggled to board refused to disembark. However, the drivers enforced the protocol.

 For this reason, at some of the bus stops, commuters were stranded.

Some unscrupulous drivers, thus, took advantage of this to increase fares. Many commuters were stranded.

Also, Federal High Court in Lagos south west Nigeria,today re-opened amidst tight security measures. Only two judges were sitting,as of the time of filing this report though other judges were around and may start sitting later in the day.

Entrance into the court premises was hectic as security guards screened people with gadgets before they entered, while sanitizer was provided at the gate for hand cleansing before final entry.

Many lawyers and litigants were locked outside the gate of the court,as only lawyers whose cases were on the case list of Judges for hearing  were allowed to enter. Others were asked to go home and come to the court when their cases were listed for hearing.

On the premises of many banks, customers were many and the social distancing, sanitizer application and face mask protocols were observed.  

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