Video: Access Bank will do pay cut, shed staff-Herbert Wigwe

Video: Access Bank will do pay cut, shed staff-Herbert Wigwe

Friday, May 1, 2020 6:25 pm


Herbert Wigwe,

Herbert Wigwe, Group Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of Access Bank Plc., is taking steps to cope with the realities of Coronavirus-induced economic melt-down. This means the bank is shedding 75 per cent of its workforce and will execute 40 per cent pay cut, beginning from the CEO, down the pecking order. 


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He revealed this in a video that has gone viral, saying “everybody may have to make some adjustments of some sort

He said :

“We probably don’t need as many security men as required, even to the fact that we are not going to have all our branches open between now and December,” he said.

“We certainly don’t need all the security men. We don’t need all the tea girls. We don’t all the cleaners. We don’t need all the tellers et cetera et cetera

“So that number of staff which represent 75% of our staff strength, I think, is the one we basically need to speak with their employers with a view to getting them to rationalise to the level that we think will be necessary to basically sustain a mean but actually a customer service-oriented institution.”

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