Germany admits 113 coronavirus patients from other EU countries

Germany admits 113 coronavirus patients from other EU countries

Thursday, April 2, 2020 8:46 am

COVID-19 being taken for treatment. Photo credit: Aljazeera

German hospitals have taken in 113 patients infected with the coronavirus from partner states in the European Union.

Of the patients, 85 came from overburdened areas in France, 26 from Italy, and two from the Netherlands, the German Foreign Office told dpa.

Some were transported by the German air force.

A further 81 beds across Germany have been reserved for sick people from Italy, and 13 beds for patients from France.

Germany said it had also offered Spain places for intensive care patients, but the Spanish government has not yet responded and is focusing on redistributing patients within Spain.

A private-sector aid initiative by the Helios clinic group sent a team of five doctors and one nurse, as well as ventilators, to Madrid on Monday.

A team of doctors and nurses from the University Hospital in the German city of Jena has been on duty in Naples, Italy, since Wednesday.

Germany has sent seven tons of relief supplies, including respirators and breathing masks, to Italy, according to the German Foreign Office. (dpa/NAN)

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