General’s wife debunks money laundering allegation 

General’s wife debunks money laundering allegation 

Wednesday, February 5, 2020 8:37 pm

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Akin Kuponiyi

Mrs Chizoba Vivian Nengite, the wife of Brig.-Gen. Charles Nengite, has denied allegations that lodgments ranging from $11 million to $15 million were found in her bank account in the United States of America.

In a release signed by her lawyer, Mr. Taofik Adeleke and made available to journalist , Mrs Nengite also denied insinuations that she was under investigation for money laundering by law enforcement agencies in the US.

The lawyer described publications linking her to any such money as false and malicious. “A false allegation by unknown sources was made against our client insinuating that our client was involved in money laundering activities. The said publications specifically stated that sums, ranging from between $11 million to $15 million were found in our client’s private account in the United States of America and that our client is under investigation by the authorities in the United States of America,” he wrote.

The lawyer said the false publication has caused Mrs Nengite and her family undue embarrassment, thus necessitating the need to refute the wrong information now in the public domain.

He said: “We wish to state unequivocally on behalf of our client that the information is not true. At no time was such an amount of money or any huge sums of money found in our client’s account to warrant the false and malicious publication.”

According to the legal practitioner, Mrs. Nengite had “never at any time been invited, interrogated or questioned by the authorities in America as falsely claimed in the said publications.”

“The false information in the public domain is only an imagination in the mind of mischief makers. Our client is a law-abiding citizen, and it is disheartening that the image of our client is being tarnished by mischief makers whose jaundiced publications and statements have had a negative impact on our client’s emotional well-being and family reputation,” he added.

Consequently, the embittered woman has threatened to seek legal redress against the sponsors or publishers of the “false information.

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