Why US assassinated Quassem Souleimani

Why US assassinated Quassem Souleimani

Wednesday, January 8, 2020 9:36 pm

General Quassem Souleimani

By Onyemaechi Ogbumezeh


With every word in that statement, which the NATO secretary general released, standing behind Donald Trump’s murder of Iranian General Qassem Suleimani, he so much sounded like Mussolini licking Hitler’s balls.

It is like the late 1930s again!

NATO siding with Trump is like the slave-owners standing behind one of them, that just murdered a slave in cold blood.

For Nigerians who don’t read or understand the imperial metaphysic, start by reading your brother Chinweizu’s book: The West and the Rest of Us”

If you have not read this book and you are discussing Iranian resistance to US imperialism, then you have no background.

Try reading Eduardo Galeano’s: The Open Veins of Latin America. You would see how the old imperialists raped a continent as their “divine mission” and destroying anyone who raised internal resistance to their plunder.

That is what the US and NATO, are using their military alliance to do in the Middle East, at the moment.

The imperialists hungry for Iraqi oil, are angry that Qassem Suleimani defeated the terrorists they created and supported to create chaos in Iraq, which would justify their continued stay, as they steal Iraqi oil, under the ruse of fighting Daesh; which was their brainchild.

The Iraqis discovered the game. Then went into a secret alliance with the Iranians to defeat Daesh and robbed the US of any reason to continue staying in Iraq, stealing and selling Iraqi oil.

And the head of that alliance was General Qassem Suleimani! Once he defeated ISIS, he became the enemy of the US.

Try also reading Noam Chomsky’s: The Fateful Triangle, to see why American imperialism would always label every internal nationalisms of the oppressed, resisting their imperialism as terrorists.

When Dulles brothers were using the CIA and American government to terrorize Latin American and Caribbean governments, into succumbing to their countries becoming banana producers for United Fruit Company, owners of Chiquita Bananas, in which the Dulles brothers had controlling interests, they labelled Arbenz and anyone who resisted a communist.

Dulles who was CIA director and his brother deployed the CIA and apparatus of the American state to destroy Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and many others. That was how the name Banana republics entered our lexicon.

Many of these countries ran to Russia for help in resisting these usurpers. The US scored a propaganda coup that has lasted till date. The government churned propaganda that communism was taking root in their backyard. They kept screaming that the evil Russians are coming. That justified in the minds of uninformed Americans, the rape and plunder of these countries. That is why many Americans who don’t even know what communism mean, hated communism or socialism till date.

To that effect, the CIA sponsored coups and installed lackeys that went on to destroy those countries for the benefit of United Fruit Company, under the rise of fighting communism. Today, we are still seeing the effects of that rape. Many citizens of these countries are still refugees fleeing their own countries today. The US destabilized those countries. Yet, wouldn’t allow the victims of that plunder come to their borders to show the beneficiaries of that plunder, the wounds inflicted on their souls by American gangster imperialism.

The same was attempted in Cuba, when the sugar lobby and the Mafia wanted Cuba for their sport.

Fulgencio Battista was their man in Havana. The people revolted led by Fidel Castro. The threw the kitchen sink at Fidel. The CIA attempted to assassinate him 600 times and failed. Kennedy approved the Bay of pigs. He realized late that he was being used by the sugar lobby and the Mafia.

They whacked kennedy. Was it surprising to you, that the former board member of Pepsi Cola and a ranking member of the Sugar lobby, Richard Nixon was also present in Dallas on the day they whacked Kennedy?

I could go on and on.

The problem with Suleimani was that he helped Iraq defeat the boys that the West deployed, to create confusion while the US continued stealing Iraqi oil. Those boys are ISIS. That was why they whacked him.

Suleimani is a freedom fighter. People asking what Suleimani was doing in Iraq never asked the US what they were doing there.

Iran and iraq are neighbours, with a 950 mile border corridor! Has the US got any borders with Iraq? So, who should be in the vincinity?

An American soldier once told me in Wiesbaden after a tour of duty in Iraq then: “I hate that damn place. But what is our oil doing on their soil”

We took it as a joke. But that is the metaphysic of imperialism. And that is the reason Suleimani was murdered by Donald Trump.

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