These CANS Wear No Cassocks

These CANS Wear No Cassocks

Thursday, October 24, 2019 2:18 am


The cans

The cans

By Babafemi Ojudu

In Maitama , at the heart of Abuja is located  a youth initiative that is attracting attention from lovers of creativity and development. 

Four young men came together and sharing a vision for creativity and innovation set up an organization called The Cans and built a center or as they call it a hub of creativity. 

It is a place where fellow youths with little resources but disruptive ideas could find a space and helping hand to give vent to their ideas and talents.

Olajide Abiose who is founder of InfusionTech and Khalil Halilu the proprietor Of ShapShap Logistics are making real their dream

Bringing together  shopping containers designed as offices they are attracting attention of many of their generation as well as foreign embassies, and those with monies to invest in new ideas. 

In Maitama Amusement Park , on IBB Boulevard  is the sizable space where an idea person goes into , plugs his computer and works under a very conducive atmosphere that only a corporate body could provide. 

Reliable and fast internet , constant power supply, office facilities, conference and meeting rooms are made available at little subscription. Subscribers also get to boot experts and professionals in various fields to offer pieces of advice and mentoring.

The interiors

The interior

Start ups are coming up and flourishing at this center and some are beginning to find bigger spaces for their operations in the center. Beyond this The Cans are linking innovators and startups with financiers . This initiative seems to be working so well. Visiting, you find young men and women going in and out clutching their laptops. You see some hurdled together discussing passionately and sharpening ideas. Water,  coffee and tea are on offer for the asking . The environment itself is eco friendly and conducive for creative efforts. Tony Chijuka, coming out of the center said to me : “This guys are creating new lives out of shipping containers “. “We meet here , share ideas and collaborate with like minds”, he added.

The cans

The CANS is the brain child of two young men who are entrepreneurs and innovators themselves. Their ultimate goal is to franchise the tech  hub across the country to attract young creative energies . This is with the hope that sooner,  from one corner of the country , may come one or two individuals , who will one day  come  up with a great idea that will hit the world stage and play in the big league.

Olajide Abiose who is founder of InfusionTech and Khalil Halilu the proprietor Of ShapShap Logistics are making real their dream and with luck on their side their hub may unlock a phenomenon that will change the fortunes of members of their generation and by this register their names in history.

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