Trudeau re-elected in Canadian Elections

Trudeau re-elected in Canadian Elections

Tuesday, October 22, 2019 7:50 am


Liberal prime minister, Justin Trudeau nearly missed his reelection bid as vote count was being concluded Tuesday morning.

Mr Trudeau’s Liberal Party came short of the 172 seats needed to form a majority in parliament but enough to stay on. His closest rival, Conservative leader Andrew Sheer has already conceded defeat.

Several upsets have been recorded prompting Mr Scheer to remark in his concession speech that his party is popular enough to take leadership mantle when ‘the Trudeau government falls.

The results chart. Credit: BBC

A party needs 176 members of Parliament to be in government. The last count saw the Liberals with 156 to the Conservatives 122. Mr. Trudeau will have to liaise with any willing partner to form government.

Canadian historians say coalition governments last only two years.

Congrats dear hosts, Canada and may the road ahead fulfill your dreams. Naija, Africa and our leaders have a lot to learn about politics, democracy, concessions, coalitions and listening to the wish of the people.

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