Apostolic Faith Clocks 75 in Nigeria

Apostolic Faith Clocks 75 in Nigeria

Monday, October 14, 2019 7:11 pm

Apostolic Faith

Gbenro Adesina/Ibadan

The members of the Apostolic Faith Church in Nigeria held series of activities to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the church.

The church was established by the late Reverend Timothy Gbadebo Oshokoya on October 14, 1944, in Lagos, Nigeria, as a branch of the Apostolic Faith Mission founded in 1906 by Late Reverend Florence Louise Crawford in Portland Oregon, USA. Other pioneer members include: Lucas Obakoya and D. T. Robins.

Oshokoya was the first overseer in Nigeria as well as the overseer for Africa when other branches were created. Other overseers are: Reverend Josiah Olubode Soyinka and Reverend Paul Ogechukwu Akazue.

Revd. Bayo Adeniran

Activities held to commemorate the anniversary include echoes from the past, which made the members to have the opportunity to listen to series of past sermons of the veteran members, song ministration, photograph exhibition of the veterans, documentary shows, special retreat, anniversary photographs and a get together at the Anthony Village church administrative headquarters.

As part of the activities, a sermon by the founder of the Church titled “This Book of the Law”, was relayed to the congregations across West and Central Africa. In the sermon, Oshokoya pointed out that it is only one way that leads to heaven, stressing that other ways lead to hell.

Urging members not to depart from the way to heaven, Oshokoya admonished the Christians to keep the words of God in their hearts, stressing that without salvation, sanctification and baptism of the Holy Spirit, no one can make heaven.

Warning against unsound doctrines, he said, “People are no longer following the Book (Bible). Christians must follow the Book. They must follow the words of God. Christians must not go to the right or left but stay in the Book, the words of God. Scholars rewrite books. The governments of nations rewrite their constitutions, but the Book of God cannot be rewritten. The words of God cannot be changed. Members of this church must dwell on the doctrine of this church because our doctrine is the undiluted words of God. We are not allowed to add or minus from the words of God. Keep the words, walk with the words, memorise it, keep it in your heart, meditate in it day and night and it must be uppermost in your heart”.

He also warned against following the world as well as emulating or imitating the world, stressing that Christians must dedicate themselves to God Almighty.

In his few remarks, the West and Central Africa, WECA, District Superintendent, Reverend Bayo Adeniran said that the church has been favoured to move from strength to strength, pointing out that the current generation has maintained the sound doctrines handed to them by the forefathers of the church, adding that the standard would not be watered down.

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