EU: Comoros Presidential elections marred by major irregularities

EU: Comoros Presidential elections marred by major irregularities

Tuesday, April 2, 2019 8:36 am

Azali Assoumani

…The National Transition Council requests Supreme Court to invalidate the March 24 election results

The European Union has called the recent presidential elections in Comoros ‘irregular’. It casts doubt on the transparency and credibility of the vote. By announcing this, the EU has joined the observers from the African Union, the Common Market of Eastern and Southern Africa and the African Standby Forces of the East who have already declared that the voting process in Comoros as riddled with irregularities, lacking credibility or transparency.

In a statement, the EU spokesperson Maja Kocijancic said,” In recent days, the Comoros has been the scene of dangerous political tension and acts of violence… The elections of March 24th was marred by major irregularities that cast doubt on the transparency and credibility of the vote according to a joint statement of the international election observation missions.”

“Faced with this situation, it is imperative that the Comorian authorities as well as all political actors show restraint and refrain from resorting to violence. Security forces must act in accordance with the rule of law and with full respect for the human rights. The EU joins the call by the African Union for an inclusive dialogue to be initiated. A consensual solution to the crisis has to be found while preserving the democratic gains and stability of the archipelago.”
The National Transition Council, which was set up to resolve the post-election crises, and ensure a peaceful transition, welcomes the statement.

“We are pleased to note that the EU has denounced the recent ‘irregular’ elections. But censuring the elections is not enough, we request the international multilateral organisations to exert pressure on the Azali’s government to invalidate the March 24 elections. We have already approached the Supreme Court with a request to nullify the recent ‘irregular’ elections. Despite overseeing rigged elections and announcing himself the winner, the President is refusing to listen to the people of the country or to the Opposition.” said spokesperson Hassan Mohamed Hassan, from the general secretariat of the National Council of Transition.

“Every possible initiative for a positive move is being blocked. Our chairman Soilhi was immediately arrested on the formation of the NTC and is still being held in prison,” said Hassan Mohamed Hassan.

“We have set April 3 deadline for the vote to be invalidated. If the Supreme Court doesn’t act on this, then, we have little choice but to ask for civil disobedience. Our people prayed for peace and stability last weekend, however, if by this Friday, we do not see any positive move from the SC or the government to make things right, they will start their protest. They will bring the country to a halt. We do not want violence and unrest, but our people are being given no choice!”

The National Transition Council has requested the multilateral organisations including the AU, EU, IOC and the UN to put pressure on the Azali’s government by slapping economic sanctions and make him nullify the ‘irregular’ elections that took place.

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