Nigeria will succeed. Let’s go do our bit!

Nigeria will succeed. Let’s go do our bit!

Tuesday, March 12, 2019 1:43 pm

Sola Salako Ajulo

• My Appointment as Special Adviser, Communications and Strategy, Ekiti State

By Sola Salako Ajulo

Yesterday, I was appointed Special Adviser, Communications & Strategy to the Governor of Ekiti State, Dr John Kayode Fayemi @kfayemi

It is a great privilege to be considered worthy to serve and I do not take this honor for granted. I am deeply grateful to His Excellency, Mr Governor for this vote of confidence and to my sister, friend, role model and now, leader, Erelu Bisi Adeleye-Fayemi for her support and encouragement.

As a Communications Consultant with varied experience in all facets of the profession (print and broadcast media, marketing, advertising, branding and PR and recently, New Media) as well as with my passion for Consumer Rights and Protection, I have come to believe that good governance without effective communications could eventually become a disservice to the democratic process.

This is because the people should be the focal point of all government policies and effective communications ensure the people and their leaders are in touch and in sync on the real issues. Many times, our democracy has been distorted for lack of an effective communications strategy. I hope we can help Ekiti State avoid that distortion going forward.

It is very easy to critique the process from an analyst’s perspective but to be trusted with the responsibility of implementing the ideal can be daunting. So I take on this challenge with excitement, enthusiasm and some trembling; though encouraged by the ever abiding and abounding Grace of God; my husband, Olufemi Ajulo, who makes it easy for me to be myself; my innumerable team of mentors/professional colleagues; and the support of dependable friends, family and well wishers.

My friends know I have been a passionate supporter of Dr Fayemi long before politics, because his world view/political ideology of social welfare and developmental capitalism that enables innovation and protects the vulnerable, is similar to mine. So I will be working on a cause I believe in for a Boss I find it easy to be loyal to. That’s awesome!

Please note that my job function is strategic and process driven so I will mostly be behind the scene ensuring all forms of communications are on Strategy. We have a worthy team of excellent communicators who will be speaking for His Excellency and EKSG on various platforms so if you don’t hear from my office but you get seamless communications from Ekiti State, that means I am doing my job!

Also note that all my social media handles and pages will remain personal. Official communication will be from verified handles which will be publicized soonest. I may choose to repost or retweet on my personal handles at my prerogative. I will however tone down a bit in deference to my new office but the fun, wit and updates about everything I care about will continue as often as my schedule allows. (So don’t you dare unfollow me!??)

Finally, wither Consumer Rights and Protection Advocacy? I will remain as active advocating for consumer rights. CAFON, our NGO will now be managed by my assistant, Elizabeth Adu supported by Ganiat Raji. I will go into consulting mode but since it’s a passion for me, my Advocacy will not cease.

In conclusion, I seek your prayers, support, counsel and objective corrections. My phone number will not change though you can reach me faster on all my platforms on social media. It may take some time to get a response but I will try to respond to valid messages. This is just an assignment… not a character altering event for me.

I thank you all for the congratulatory messages, prayer and well wishes. May the Lord honor you also in your endeavors. Nigeria will succeed. Let’s go do our bit!

• Sola Salako Ajulo, Special Adviser, Communications and Strategy, Ekiti State

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